nosaj thing wizards:interview

jason chung of california, better known as NOSAJ THING, had manchester in his hand on monday night. playing alongside daedelus, datsik and starkey on an unforgettable night, he stood out by far. his gorgeously haunted debut album drift makes it clear that while he shares a lot with flying lotus he is actually more akin to the uk dubstep scene whilst retaining the innovation of the hollywood scene. we wizards were lucky enough to get an interview with the fine man.


>>how did you find manchester?

its dope, this is my second time here and im glad i got to see the city a bit. jonny dub from hoya:hoya showed me round which was cool.

>>what uk artists are you really into at the moment?

james blake is doing some interesting stuff at the moment….there are a lot of dynamics in his music.

>>what influence do you think the LA scene has on the international electronic scene?

i think LA artists have a lot of personality because of the lifestyle we have. everyone is in their own bubble….transportation and living situation.


i haven’t checked out the full album yet but from the few songs i’ve heard it’s dope. i like the track “sheep”

>>what are the plans for the AV set you’re putting on at sonar festival?

we are further developing the visual show at the moment, i’m very excited for it.

>>would you like some honourary wizard-ship?

some harry potter shit? sure

his live sets entail the use of his insane sample pad skills and, of course, his beautilful music. this is some thing you really have to see. and you can buy the album >>>here<<<plus we’ve got nosaj thing’s remix of the xx from wizard





One response to “nosaj thing wizards:interview

  1. deathlectrics

    he’s a bloody good sample padder!

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