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what a show hud mo gave us in manchester last night, funded by the ‘red bull music academy’, we witnessed a fantastic spectacle of 3D visuals and a multi-cosmic light show that would have surely induced brain damage in weaker minds. wizards are better were also lucky enough to grab a sexy little interview with the glaswegian god as well. exclusive!


>>first of all, what a great show! the music and visuals were out of this world. how did you afford all these wonderful gadgets?

“thank you very much, glad you enjoyed the night. red bull have been very generous in providing funding for up and coming artists and have put up a very nice amount of cash to help get these new sounds out there. having a VDJ and, of course, olivier daysoul was good indeed “

>>so what’s new for hudson mohawke in 2010?

“well apart from continuing my work on WARP label i’ll hopefully be producing a few bands and artists.”


“i’m keeping that very secret at the moment! i’ve jinxed myself in the past with these things so i’m definitely keeping it under wraps till it’s completely confirmed but watch out!”

>>what are your plans for the live show??

“well this is something i have been working on and i do think it’s all heading somewhere but it’s hard to say right now.”

>>so daft punk pyramid or spinal tap stonehenge?

“haha! we’ve actually had discussions about the stonehenge thing! but somehow i think not!”

>>what artists are you really into at the moment??

“oh dear, i always freeze up when people ask me this. i need my itunes library in front of me! but of the top off my head i’d have to say crystal clear, doing good things at the moment.” (not the drum and bass artists by the way, check Botanika label)

>>i must also ask what that grimey hud-step behemoth you dropped right at the end of your set was! it was such a surprise after the fairly carefree set i think i even saw some people melt!

“bit embarrassing but i have no idea! it’s been sitting in my computer as ‘untitled’ for a long time and has just stayed that way.”

>>and finally i’d like to offer you honorary wizardship!

“what an honour! yes please…….does it come with a wand or something??”

well i hope you all enjoyed that and all i can say is you’ve gotta see this guy live and if you do have the chance beg, steal and borrow to procure yourself a ticket! AND if you haven’t got the album yet it’s now got to the point where i actually just want to hurt you. simples. eek.

>hud mo myspace>


nadav ravid (AKA NDV) has already established himself as a well known, tasteful club and radio DJ (presenting the alternative music magazine on the most popular music station, GLGLZ), a music reviewer and member of the Polar Pair production duo the man is also one of the integral memebers of the up’n’coming Israeli label and dj crew BOTANIKA! his latest release on botanika, south bridge, is a beautiful ep.

‘south bridge is a big, shiny scaffold, connecting the southern hemisphere continents, namely Africa and South America, with an imaginary spot in London. It’s linking the London heritage of heavy bass, broken beats & UK funky with Afro-Latin rhythms and percussion – from afro-techno beats to acidic cumbia.’

have a listen! and give it a buy!


shinichi osawa – EEAA (mustard pimp remix)

On the other hand

Here’s an array of tracks thumping around the 128 bpm mark.
When it comes to making electro bangers, Blatta & Inesha top my list. This track is no different, some massive usage of the Mightyfools sample pack!
Another release from the my up and coming artist Beataucue. Here they dum it down a bit, staying away from loud squeaky synths and bringing a massive amount of rhythm and smoothness yet keeping their trully penetrating kick drum. They remix new tribal/tech house producer French Fries who I also highly rate, look out for some of his releases.
Released late last year, The Subs have created an Egyptian techlectro masterpiece! Really loving this one.
This track was released even later last year, an absolute fucking banger from Japanese geeza Apajai. Nasty dirty bass.
Blog Fluokids and Scion A/V have teamed up to make a 5 track sampler to represent their 5 years in the blogosphere. Here’s one off the sampler by tech hero Renaissance Man with their usual high quality.
I posted a few Alvaro tracks in 2009, I think he produces some really good ravy tribal house. I can’t seem to find him on myspace though, so I kow nothing about him! Here’s another great track by this elusive man.
Lee gets down and wobbly once more, this time remixing Cold Blank.

Purpey and Dirtle









dam-funk mirrors



Chatting with Mightyfools!

Hi Mightyfools, we’re very excited to be chatting today! How are things?
Yooo dudes, wassup! Things are very exciting at the moment, we got some releases coming up including a remix for the Crookers, of which we are very proud ofcourse, also big tours later this year, and between that lots of parties all over the globe. It’s definately going to be a great year!
2009 was a huge year for you music-wise, including sick EP’s like ‘Partyjunkies’, ‘Living The Life’ and your most recent ‘For the Kidz’, and of course your massive remixes. What was your favourite record you produced last year and why?
 2009 was indeed amazing for us, we spent a shitload of time in the studio. The life was either in the studio or on the road, sometimes even studiowork on the road haha. It was great to test out much new of our own music, lot’s of people already heard exclusives in an early stage that they weren’t aware of. It’s difficult to choose a favourite track, we get much crowd reactions on Amsterdam still, but our Creepy remix is a bass-tool that makes the people go nuts. The first drop is like a bomb on the dancefloor, you have to see it live!
I intend to! But surely the highlights of 2009 was not just the music but the tours of Australia and North America, coming top in many charts and crowdsurfing 16 times! What was the reception you got from Australia and North America and how are the aussies and yanks at partying compared to Europeans?
Oh hell yeah, crowdsurfing! The tours were awesome, everybody was going crazy at each venue, the feedback was way beyond our expectation. Aussies & Yanks are awesome party people, they seem to know all our tracks and really show their appreciation.
We been to so many afterparties with cool people the hangover lasted untill atleast a week after the tours. We love Australia and North America and the great news is that we are going back to both Australia and North America later this year! Bigger & better!
Comparing party people we must say the first time we see the local house dance it’s always funny, people dance different in each country. Might sound a bit weird, but check some rave videos from LA, Sydney and Amsterdam and you’ll see what we mean!
Why so little gigs in Britain. Are we dull?
No way not at all, you people totally go for it! You guys got the best anti-hangover food, full english breakfast, damn, drink pure poison and still feel okay after a breakfast like this.
But fear not, we got some kickass gigs confirmed for the UK again, keep checking the myspace for schedule updates.
We’ve had your mates Dem Slackers play for us a while back now, they seem like geezers, is their a tight community within the Dutch house and electro scene and do you influence each other a lot?
Everybody knows each other and everybody hangs out now and then, beer, titties & party yo.
We do influence each other, but mainly just in bad attitude and doing stupid things.
There is a great positive atmoshpere in scene in The Netherlands which has good outcome on all of us and makes our great job even more fun.
Lets talk more about your sound, describe it in your own words!
Super mega slap yo momma in the face airhorn high energy bassline funky fat wobble on loud soundsystem porn – house
Niiiice,  although I’ve always considered you to be under the dubious bracket of fidget house, only because its stuck with me since the term was conceived. Does ‘fidget’ mean anything to you now? Is it a lost cause? Did it ever exist?
We have no idea. We make the shit we like, we play the shit we like, and we don’t give a shit about the name of it. That’s 3 times shit in one sentence. Some people call us fidget, electro house, rock n rave, electro, bassline, whatever, we don’t care.
I may sound like a nosy parker, but I understand you use fruity-loops as producing equipment, is this true and is there any other equipment you use worth mentioning?
It may be true, the tool doesn’t matter its the person that’s using it. Further equipment is redbull, food & more food. Not to forget, lots of patience, and good karma. Bad karma kills ya.
Any top tips for beginner electro house/any producers?
Do it for the fun, not for the fame. You’ll never know how far you’ll come, so just make the journey as pleasant as possible and enjoy it all.
Who’s been your favourite artist/artists of 2009?
Boys Noize, Crookers, Sharkslayer, Black Noise, Shinichi Osawa, Sound Of Stereo, Blatta & Inesha and lots of others, so many great producers out there.
And Michael Jackson of course who made our tours extra funky. Moonwalking in the hotels.
Top 5 tracks which blew your audience away every time at gigs over 2009?
1. Major Lazor – Pon Di Floor, played out now but always did proper dancefloor damage, girls shaking their asses all the time, it was just crazy how people responded to this track.
2. Boltan – Creepy (Mightyfools Remix), our own bass monster that causes jumping, fighting or headbanging!
3. The Bloody Beetroots & Steve Aoki – Warp 1.9, makes sense, after the clock starts ticking you know what’s up.
4. Sound of Stereo – Zipper, probably the fattest kickdrum of the year.
5. Rage Against The Machine – Killing in the name of, early 2009 we ended a few sets with this classic, whole venues singing a long, good memories.
Who are you favourite artists now and for the future, ones we should be repping more?
Black Noise, mega bass killers. Guys got much talent and sick ass releases, its crazy. Keep your eyes open for the Mightyfools vs Black Noise collab thats coming up!
Sound Of Stereo, our belgian flamish-fries friends, also killing it now a days and great people to hang out with.
Blatta & Inesha, they live in the prettiest city on the planet but don’t seem to spend their weekends over there, great productions, they’ll be everywhere soon.
Top 10 tracks at the moment?
1. Mightyfools – Hoo Haa
2. Mightyfools – We Don’t Care
3. Mightyfools – I Said
4. DJ Rockid, Mightyfools – The Love House
5. Sound Of Stereo – Zipper
6. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – Dance The Way I Feel (Armand Van Helden Remix)
7. Tony Senghore – If You Cam Here
8. The Young Punx – Ready For The Fight (Black Noise Mix)
9. Fukkk Off – More Than Friends
10. Nom De Strip – Without You
Buy this chart on beatport
I can see you are influenced by generally by top electro artists such as Shinichi Osawa. Am I wrong? What other artists and styles have influenced your overall sound?
In some ways, but we always got our Mightyfools trademark sound to everything. Shinichi just happen to make some tunes that are perfect for the last part of our set. We might not play as hard and rock oriented as him but we try to bring the same energy to our crowds, our style reaches from tech-house to electro punk rock shit so it’s difficult to point out main influences.
At home/car/hotel we mostly listen to funk, r&b, disco, rock and such, to relax again haha!
Favourite cheese?
Cheese stinks.
And finally, what does 2010 hold for you? Any serious ideas for change in style? Any innovative plans?
Lots of time in the studio, making more bombs. More fatty hamburger food, our own airplane company to have funky music while we’re touring. Ferrari’s. Nice house at the beach. You name it, 2010 is all about the crazyness. There are lots of big things going on, tours, labels, remixes, of which most we can’t announce yet but we can promise we will make just as much noise as in 2009.
For more information on the Mightyfools check:


i’ve been a big follower of fact magazine since fact 1, the first in the now beautifully established free media outfit. these guys are some of, if not the only, established journalists and writers who really know the score!! this is their mix by SULLY, they said, among many other things,

“Anyone with half an interest in swinging, percussive garage and gorgeous, enveloping melodies should have a full interest in Sully’s FACT mix – it features new, untitled productions from your man, plus fresh material from Kowton, Sbtrkt and more.”

read more here>>

article (


Sbtrkt & Sampha – Break Off (Ramp)
Sully – Untitled
Sully – In Some Pattern (Keysound)
Kowton – Stasis (G Mix) (Keysound)
Sully – Untitled
LV ft. Errol Bellot – Don’t Judge (Fantastic Mr Fox Mix) (2nd Drop)
Emma – Rainbow Dust Pt II
Desto – Lost Bits
King Thing – Different Spin (Furioso)
Sully – Untitled


sully myspace


kieran hebden, aka (the most magnificent) FOUR TET,  has in ‘there is love in you’ LP delivered most possibly one of the best albums of the year in january. the audacity, i know!! a slight departure from some of his more ambient albums; this one’s got a penchant for dancing. there’s a full stream of his album linked below for your aural pleasure and a taster track. however, this is one to fork out those pennies for. enjoy



four tet__sing



DJ Manaia + Klipar=Zombies For Money


I was very pleased to find out that Zombies For Money is a collaboration between tribal electro genius DJ Manaia and fellow Portguese electro house producer Klipar. I was also pleased to find out that they’d released an EP last month….for free! Now Zombies For Money are re-releasing the EP, revamped with remixes from the likes of Malente & Jay Robinson, Foamo and another Portoguese producer Drop Ten. The Breaks Ida. record will drop on Beatport on 25th of February . Here’s a teaser of the EP with all the superb tracks which will feature.



01. Bhangra Dance [00.00]
02. Bhangra Dance (Malente & Jay Robinson Rmx) [01.55]
03. Sacanagem [04.20]
04. Sacanagem (Drop Top Rmx) [06.00]
05. Numbra One [08.10]
06. Numbra One (Foamo Rmx) [10.00]
07. Bhangra Dance (Zeder Remix) [11.55]

And here’s the original tracks in all their greatness!





And their December mix:-



01. Zombies For Money – Intro (Part Taken From LA Riots Mx)
02. Kick Oh – Black Celebration (SonicC Rmx)
03. The Subs – Mitsubitchi
04. Dj Mouse – Cytrus
05. French Fries ft. Bambounou – Coconut
06. Diplo & Laidback Luke – Hey! (Jaimie Fanatic & DJ Rockid Rmx)
07. Dopefish – They Call It Murder (Zombie Edit)
08. Drop The Lime – Devils Eyes (Diplo Rmx)
09. Zombies For Money – Sacanagem
10. Sound of Stereo – Zipper (Dj Manaia Rmx)
11. Reekay Garcia – Back To The Beat (Riva Starr Rmx)
12. Zombies For Money – Numbra One
13. Yolanda Be Cool – Afro Nuts (Douster Rmx)
14. Renaissance Man – Canto Della Kalimba Bootcut
15. Daniel Haaksman ft. MC Militihno – Kid Conga (HighBloo Rmx)
16. Project Cyborg – Ohoh!
17. Autoerotique – Gladiator (Torro Torro Rmx)
18. Drop The Lime – Devil Eyes (BeatauCue Rmx)
19. Rolvario ft. Pablo Vegas – That’s How It Goes
20. SonicC – Saiph
21. Lazy Flow – Mambo Fever (Kid Kaio Low & High Rmx)
22. Riot Kid – Darjeling
23. Zombies For Money – Bhangra Dance
24. MadKids – Porcelain Fountains
25. Taio Cruz – Break Your Heart (Savage Skulls Rmx)
26. Will Bailey & Hot Mouth – Set It Off
27. LA Riots – The Drop
28. Blatta & Inesha – Bite Your Lip (Congorock Rmx)


And another brilliant mix by Klipar!



01. Elite Force – No Turning Back (Mowgli & Solo Rmx)
02. Nic Sarno – Perculator
03. Riva Starr – Riva Snake
04. Solo – The Big Stef
05. Riva Starr ft. Noze – I Was Drunk
06. Shopliftas – Yhere It Izzz
07. Solo – Rawmania (BetauCue Rmx)
08. Zombies For Money – Numbra One
09. Dooze Jackers – Got Line
10. Digital Manges – Manges (Sharkslayer Dub)
11. Hot Mouth, Nom De Strip – 50000
12. Reboot – Enjoy Music (Riva Starr Rmx)
13. Fake Blood – I Think I like It
14. Mele – Shake
15. Mightyfools – Hoo Haa
16. Egonoise – Positron Final
17. Tocadisco, Nadia Ali – Better Run (Afrojack Rmx)
18. Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer – Blau (Doorly Rmx)
19. The Subs – Mitsubitchi
20. Zombies For Money – Bhangra Dance
21. Malente, Jay Robinson – What A Bass
22. Tonka – Jack Track (Black Noise VIP Rmx)
23. Klipar – Go Go (Exclusive)
24. Malente, Jay Robinson – Drop Dead
25. Disco Of Doom – Warpig
26. Chuckie – Let The Bass Kick
27. Klipar – Wona No Me (Exclusive)