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gaspard noe’s new film looks fantastic. so fantastic in fact that im going to post a few videos and some of the fantastic artwork! oh, the soundtrack is also done by thomas bangalter (1/2 of daft pooonk)……fantastic……

our disrupt:on friends

One of the boys over at disrupt:on blog has made this fantasic mix to open the next season of blogging! It’s a superb showcase of all that is disrupt:on, i highly recommend it!

elawolf – Lick The Cat ft Diamond – Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment
Mike Jones – Still Tippin – Swishahouse
Mark Pritchard & Om’Mas Keith – Wind It Up – Hyperdub
Ginuwine – Pony – Sony BMG
BD1982 – Spaceboots (Slugabed Remix) – Seclusiasis
Ben Samples – Naughty Naughty – Dub
Mensah – Untitled Future Funk – H.E.N.C.H
Addison Groove – Footcrab – Swamp81
Superisk – Find Your Way (Mensah Remix) – Dub (Forthcoming Punch Drunk Records)
Ludacris x Joe x DJ Orgasmic – How Clap Low Trap – Unreleased
Riskotheque & Wachs Lyrical – What I Feel Like Doing – Dub (Forthcoming Subdepth)
Phaeleh – Low (Sclist Mix) – Dub
Vaccine – Bad Habit – Dub (TBA)
Ramadanman – Fall Short – Swamp81
Falty DL – Paradise Lost – Planet Mu
Untold – Stop What Your Doing (James Blake Remix) – Hessle Audio
Snowfox – Apologies – Dub
SRC – Hey Lover – Dub
Cadenza – Elements – Dub
Skanna – This Way – Skanna
Joy Orbison – J.Doe – Doldrums
Quest vs Aaliyah – Smooth Skin vs Rock The Boat (K.O.L.D Blend)


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get yourself down to fabric tonight for a full live show from FATIMA alongside bilal, ronnie herel and london tresure, benji b. gonna be sexy!

much love! h



sound(cloud my vision)

ok you’ve heard from one, now i’m gonna give you an update of my soundcloud wanderings , with most of these tracks just 1 days old these are fresh droppings.

zed bias ft. tawiah//further away (illum sphere remix)//clip

mustard pimp ft. hot pink deloran//rock, paper, scissors ep

two super new remixes from the man from france, dÉbruit, which are both FREE to download! 

man like me//london town (dÉbruit remix)

grosvenor//taxi to the airport (dÉbruit remix)

a superb mix by tectonic’s new super woman, pursuit grooves, who’s currently touring the UK. (applause).

pursuit grooves//nodding grand june 2010 mix

a new FREE to download track from exciting prospect daisuke tanabe, definately one to watch

daisuke tanabe//B F R 03

and don’t forget to have a look on our soundcloud at


What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner?









now ‘what the fuck should i make for dinner?’, an eternal question, normally met with an enduring lack of insparation and the inevitable tin of baked beans. however, help is at hand! via one of the most simplistic and brilliant websites of late, a culinary advisor…..of sorts shall we say.





DIPLO & SWITCH GONE DONE IT AGYAIN!! new mixtape from major lazer put together on the whim of brixtonian synth royalty, LA ROUX. as expected it features plenty of collaborations via the extended mad decent family, a jah tinted flavour and a selection of saucy dubplates …but, to be honest i just loved the artwork and think it’s quite an ingenius idea, plus, it was recorded in kingston. TOPICAL TAPES!



1. Bulletproof (Nacey Remix ft. Matt Hemerlein)
2. Colourless Artibella
3. I’m Not Your Lemonade + Heroes ‘N‘ Villains Remix ft. Gucci Mane
4. Independent Kill ft. Candi Redd
5. Keep It Fascinating
6. Magic (Falling Soldiers Dub)
7. In 4 The Kill Pon De Skream
8. Houstatlantavegas Pains ft Drake
9. Tigerlily (DYWHAP Blend) ft. Rusko
10. Can’t Stop Now (Armor Love Remix)
11. Quicksand (Mad Decent 2010 Rerub) ft. Amanda Blank
12. Cover My Eyes (Costra Nostra Edit)
13. I Said It (Major Lazer Dubplate) ft. Opal
14. Hold Yuh (Double Dubplate) ft. Gyptian

ps. i reckon a major lazer film would be epic.


>>buy tickets here<<

tickets only £5-£8


in anticipation of manchester’s fantastic EUROCULTURED festival i felt compelled to deliver a little update from across the channel. EUROCULTURED have put together an incredible weekend of merriment featuring some of the hottest up and coming eurokids as well as legendary acts such as swedish psych instrumental gods, DUNGEN and gorillaz collaborators, LITTLE DRAGON, who are renowned for their breathtaking live shows. however, the main entertainment for me comes from frenchies, ONRA, FULGEANCE and DEBRUIT!!! along with FAULTYDL, JONNY DUB, XXXY and ILLUMSPHERE (who’s been rocking poland and germany over the last few days!)


debruit//smurfing in the sun


kraddy//android porn (fulgeange remix)




onra//cosmopolyphonic guest mix vol.14



Al B. Sure! – Night And Day (Onra Mix)
Count Bass D – 95 Chop
14KT – T&A
Walter Mecca – Time Control
Buddy Sativa – Growing Up (Alternate Mix)
Suff Daddy – D.I. Luv
Eltron John – And Then We Realize
Onra – Tape This
BTB & Luvraw – On The Way Down
Onra – To The Beat ft. Walter Mecca
Reggie B – Reclaim Your Mind
Krystal Klear – Never Thought You Would Go
Hollyweerd – Have You Ever Made Love To a Weerdo (Dam-Funk remix)
Outkast – Funky Ride

hope if you’re in manchester on the 30th of may. you’ll be here!


new arcade firings

A. The Suburbs

AA. Month of May


i have a feeling mweslee has been much more prominent than i’ve been aware of. on my first listen of his latest ep, eurocarne, i was taken aback by how complete this young spaniard is. i really though about how to put these tracks into word without using the inevitable hudson mohawke comparison but in the end i was presented with a perfect ecsape via the words of lou reed’s wife, and bona fide experimental musican, laurie anderson……..

“writing about music is like dancing about architecture.”

 laurie anderson