Monthly Archives: June 2012

Everybody listen


This has been the most interesting/intense listen I’ve had in a long time. The album itself does not contain constant “tunes”, but a journey of futuristic mayhem. Based on his experiences, this album displays Jack Latham’s strange undercover operations for a major sports company, hearing sex through the walls of his poky residence and other bizarre unique encounters. My tunes have to be “Her”, “Strawberries”, “How We Relate To The Body”, and the album version of the “The Courts”. Read this and buy this and listen to it properly within context and witness some originality which electronic music so desperately needs right now.

In other news, May mix is coming out soon, just finished uni so a lot of partying and not enough time to collate the best of quite yet, but all in good time, to all you out there who still follow us, much love to you!