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the noise machine!




 for your aperitif – proxy’s fantastic raven is taken backwards and round about in a relentless wobble with shouting men… cheers scenexscience for this one

proxy – tha raven (kazey and bulldog MPC reverse remix)

for starters – we have a very jittery bassy muddle from dem slackers – dubhead bassline glitch stew with pop vocals!it is truly disgusting!

boemklatsch – bonafied (dem slackers floor dance remix)

for main course – djedjotronic really screw things up with this rap/noise stir fry of shit, really dirty and really rank. this meal is shaping up to be pretty nasty.

djedjotronic – dirty and hard (keatch remix)

pudding consists of the biggest, most shameless banger of all, a scarily massive amount of sound  from felix cartal- listen to this on big speakers and you will die!!!!!!!!!eurgh!!!

from monument to  masses – beyond god and elvis (felix cartal remix)

finally for coffee – now i am not trying to make you sick – but les petits pilous definitely are!this bleepy noise number fills your entire brain and as a finale to your meal i am surprised if yyou aren’t even a little ill

SPA – pets dance (les petits pilous remix)

that was horrible. i have to turn this music off now and go outside….. TAKE CARE!!!

box – head (s)

meet the BOX – HEAD (s)  – honestly what a fantastic idea. the work of japanese designers fei and shuFen/KSF – brilliant.

look at the rest here!

now for music! today i have for you one of the happiest little jigs in the truly insane style of hudson mohawke. straight off his new EP polyfolk dance -BUY IT AT bleep for ONLY £4 – this song chops beautiful vocal loops and mixes them in with soft hushy synthesizers to make real life magic happen in your heart!

velvet peel

for the other end of the scale is a new track from RESO… in the words of mary anne hobbs – this is an absolute monster. it is yet to be released – called OCTACON – and it really is damn huge. everyday i am feeling like the dubstep crowd is moving that bit closer to breakcore. to the likes of venetian snares and otto von schirach. i think i find that worrying.i mean raffertie!he is basically there! so here it is, cut from hobbs’ experimental radio 1 mixtape….OOOOOH DEAR!

OCTACON [radio rip]

and without further ado i present focus. dutch progressive rock. literally defies description. THEY MUST BE ABSOLUTELY CRAZY I SWEAR. BIG UP george williams for this one.

hocus pocus!

Teasers, tunes and Valium?











the bloody beetroots have released a teaser minimix containing their upcoming remixes. It looks like the masked Italian duo have been hard at work to produce some top quality remixes and the wizards will be closely following their every move!

tiga – mind dimension (the bloody beetroots remix)
zoo brazil – circle jerk [feat. adam sky] (the bloody beetroots remix)
[[[zuper blahq]]] – here we go (the bloody beetroots remix)
the all-american rejects – gives you hell (the bloody beetroots remix)
sound of stereo – heads up! (the bloody beetroots remix)
pink – so what (the bloody beetroots remix)
peaches – billionaire (the bloody beetroots remix)
S.P.A – pets dance (the bloody beetroots remix)
fact – fog (the bloody beetroots remix)

the bloody beetroots – remixes teaser 2009









valium will be mustard pimp’s new track to be released onto their myspace on the 31st of this month. mustard pimp have already produced three fucking bangers this year; gold, rubik and their remix of mo do’s Einz Zwei Polizei. I expect valium to be of equal or higher quality then these tracks which really is saying something. I can’t wait!


here’s some great tunes which you should be listening to:

TJR – atomic One of my favourite fidget tunes at the moment.

DJ manaia – pull up Fucking mental fidget come bassline.

the killers – mr. brightside (bass weazal VS mikey hook killer dub remix) Wow! bass weazal is insane, this applies to the next track.

bass weazal – kill the fox (aniki crazy fox hunt bootleg)

DJ rush – motherfucking bass (popof remix) released in early 2008 but it deserves a mention.

DJ wool – the star of east berlin (sharkslayer mix) finally a new sharkslayer track. kept us waiting a bit!

lily allen – the fear (the count saves lily allen from the fear remix) A very tasty dubstep track.

must be the music


back in the day – i’ve heard – kiss fm was theeee radio station. the supreme purveyors of disco in new york city throughout the 70s and 80s, kiss’s resident deejay shep pettibone began the remix. with his famous mastermixes of pretty much every disco beast the MASTERMIX MASTER SHEP PETTIBONE is insane. if you dont like disco you should. but these will help!

jeanette “lady” jay  – come let me love you (shep’s mastermix)

secret weapon – must be the music (shep’s mastermix)

nick straker band – a little bit of jazz (shep’s mastermix)


yet again raffertie amazes me. he’s improving every day through a rigorous schedule of dj sets around the land. he’s recieved massive support from radio 1 experimental (i think thats what 2-4am is called) and the VIP version of his song stomping grounds is just absolute proof of his insane talent. seriously listen to the laugh right at the end. pure insanity…..i give you…………………………


it’s absolutely insane, an evolution in his sound, such an improvement and an absolute stomper… he builds churning dubstep wobbles into a cacophony of bassy wobbles and cut up vocals……and it’s made me so happy because….i’m gonna see him on the 6th of february. CHEW THE FAT. corsica studios. fake blood, foamo, a1 bassline, raffertie!!!!! sure to be a great one. four insane artists. what a line up! enjoy raffertie. and also as a bonus here’s i only wanna be with bass by the amazing squire of gothos. another fine song. built with a spectacularly cheesy vocal hook and lots and lots of bass. 

the squire of gothos – i only wanna be with bass

Just Fidget Please!!


since the emergence of the so called “fidget” or “fidget house” scene, its become somewhat of an addiction for me to listen to these certain tracks on full fucking volume ALL DAY. the phrase was supposedly coined by jesse rose and switch as a joke and it comes as no surprise that it has been questioned as a classification of the glitchy electro which has benn pioneered by the likes of crookers, the bloody beetroots, herve and fake blood  over the past year(ish)……oh and obviously jesse rose and switch. for me it’s by far the most defined sub-genre in the massive expanse that is dance music. with its wobbly, rythmic, manic synth sound and bouncy electro beat, the one word that sums it all up is FIDGET. It’s music for ADD kids, it gives you so much and keeps you so excited for so long, leaving you with an unforgettable feeling of ecstacy and, of course, it is perfect music to dance to. here are some fidget tracks which i’m overplaying at the moment, obviously some have already been posted (everything by MUSTARD PIMP!)

sound of stereo – evil panda 

the best 2 words to describe this track are bouncy and circuslike. What’s not to like.

shinichi osawa – the golden 

this track is on the extremely talented jap’s album “The One”. a powerful, dirty fidget track.

a1 bassline – bad man horror theme

FINALLY A GOOD QUALITY VERSION! one of my favourite all time fidget tracks. IT NEEDS NO EXPLANATION, JUST GET IT.

don rimini ft. verb – pussy stay on my mind 

 you can always count on the don to pull out a lovely sounding fidget banger! this track just another reason to believe in him. i do……….

hostage – lighter

a trully wonderful tune. an essence of commercial dance but thats the beauty of it.

OH SNAP!! – i’m too fat to be a hipster (mightyfools remix) 

confession: I listened to this track ALOT in the last few months of 2008, so yeah i’m not playing it that much nowadays. The fact that it is such a fucking fidgety track and one of my favourites tunes, forced me to put it on. watch out for Mightyfools. partyjunkies is they’re new EP which sounds very very good with its essence of bassline. AND THEY’RE DUTCH!….weird. BUY MIGHTYFOOLS PARTYJUKIES EP!! …….its definately worth forking out some money for this one. the EP includes they’re own fucking sick originals, PLUS remixes by AC slater, heavyfeet, OH SNAP!!, boemklatsch and liam vizzle.

other artists to sink your teeth into are (obviously including the ones mentioned above) bryan cox (crux Records has alot of good stuff), lee mortimer (a.k.a. Sawtooth Sucka), stereoheroes, foamo, mikix the cat, jeff doubleu, tits & clits, heavyfeet and hijack. and just in case you haven’t been following this blog, MUSTARD PIMP (the best of the bunch).

Keep on Pimpin’



Just when I thought the pimps couldn’t get any better, well, they just did! Mustard Pimp show their incredible musical and technical ability, these 3 tracks hold so many aspects of electro/techno and they differ enourmously.

Mustard Pimp – Rubik Similar stomping march beat and disturbed, jumpy synths to a previous track ‘Oh La La Satan’ but sped up with a sort of evil gypsy melody and clever use of almost classical techniques. Outrageous, intense, clever, SCARY. The perfect track for a zombie march on judgement day!!! Sorry, this track just gets me carried away! SORRY, NOT FULL QUALITY. WILL RE-UP WHEN AVAILABLE

Mo Do – Eins Zwei Polizei (Mustard Pimp Remix) Turning comical german pop dance into angry mechanical german electro with unbeleivable success. Imagine a fast electro remix of Rammstein and replace the guitars with Mustard Pimp synths, well a few people should be able to. Basically another outrageous track which forces your head to bang! SORRY, NOT FULL QUALITY. WILL RE-UP WHEN AVAILABLE

Mustard Pimp – Gold! – Cowboy film theme music merging into another great Mustard Pimp sounding masterpiece. Also a mix of clever disjointed mayhem and fidgety hooks with a solid beat. PURE GOLD! An exciting journey of epic proportions. This track is at the start of they’re latest mixtape Fuck This World exclusive mixtape, also check out their myspace page which holds exciting things like the parts for RER D for any keen remixers.

Fuck This World Mustard Pimp Exclusive mixtape Link for the blog page with the track listing, download link found there.

Mustard Pimp Myspace Page


 As Rubik and Eins Zwei Polizei aren’t full quality, i feel entitled to give you a few more tracks which i’m listening to, enjoy!

A1 Bassline – Girl Thing

A1 Bassline – Somebody

Lee Mortimer – Closer

Lee Mortimer – That Thing (Instrumental)

Classiquai – Prayers (Shinichi Osawa Remix)

Shinichi Osawa – Star Guitar (Arman Van Helden Remix)





check out justmytype!

yeah i do..may be wondering the reason for my intense amount of posting in the last 24 hours and lack of/all week. is because i just finished a section exams and a whole lotta work.. . but that cant get in the way of this. like physically caNNOT!

from my favourite man again – the crunk head who is RAFFERTIE

and this song is just a shockingly exciting, innovative, brilliant combination of airy rhythm, catchy rap, obscene bass and dirty wobble, and just when you think the shaky blender/alarm noises are getting the better of you he rinses back in the stomping grounds/esc beat and vocals…ARAARARHUHUFSDHALW;H8347!!!!


ANd if this scarily cool music is of your liking I HIGHLY SUGGEST if you dont already – heading over to SCENEXSCIENCE and CHROME KIDS and supporting some lesser known yet equally sick artists


so this is rico tubbs, a finnish dreadlocked pychopath named after that funny detective in miami vice. and a detective in his own right, who has rattled out this purre gem of a wobble for the world to hear!


the beatmonkeys  – how you like me now? (RICO TUBBS BASSLINE MIX)


THIS man literally never fails to amaze….i mean really…. this is scary/

splash holy water on me

what a monstrosity!!!