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Best of 2011 Mix (for dancing)


2011 was, as every other year has been, great for music. New material, genre-melding and artists to sink our hungry teeth into. Excellent. Here’s a fucking long mix I did to try and sum it up going from 115 to 160something bmp. I’m sure I missed some gems which hopefully I will discover in the near future. Thank you talented producers and internet.

DEEPEND – 2011 Mix


Doctor Dru & Adana Twins – Juicy Fruit
Friendly Fires – Hurting (Benoit & Sergio Remix)
Tom Trago – Being With You
Daphni – Yes, I Know
Wildkats – Perpetrating
Julio Bashmore – Grand National
Gesaffelstein – The Lack Of Hope
Azari & III – Into The Night
Jam City – Waterfalls
Mattias Zimmermann – Fez
Benoit & Sergio – Principles
Benoit & Sergio – Walk & Talk
Julio Bashmore – Father Father
Julio Bashmore – Carboon
High Powered Boys – Udon (Julio Bashmore remix)
Riva Starr, Major Lazer – Jump (The Martin Brothers Remix)
Julio Bashmore – The Battle For Middle You
SCB – Loss
Julio Bashmore – Ask Yourself
Egyptrixx – Rooks Theme
Burial, Four Tet, Thom York – Ego
Midland – Shelter
Renaissance Man – Stalker Humanoid
Bok Bok & Tom Trago – Vector
Mosca – Orange Jack
Dominic Martin – Homage New Jersey
Homework – Raw Groove
Cosmin TRG – A Universal Crush
Camel – Blue Room (Nat Self 10k Smoke Mix)
Bowski – Poppies
The 2 Bears – Bear Hug
XY-Me – B-Acid (Bowski remix)
Djedjotronic – Bugle
Savage Skulls – Caravan
Zombies For Money – Oy Shaba
Digital Lab & SonicC – Drunk Skunk (LA Riots remix)
Strip Steve & Das Glow – Calcium
Noob – Spell
Marble Players – Marble Anthem
Birdy Nam Nam – Big City Knights
Egyptrixx – Bible Eyes
Joy O – Wade In
Mosca – Done Me Wrong
Blawan – Getting Me Down
XXXY – Kerpow
Roska – Abrupt
Kingdom – Take Me (Instrumental)
Roska – Leapfrog
Jam City – Aqua Box
Bok Bok – Reminder
Roska – Jackpot
GoldFFinch – Red Mask
A1 Bassline – Falsehood
French Fries – Champagne
Joy O – Sicko Cell
Addison Groove – Minutes Of Funk
Mosca – Bax
Bok Bok – Silo Pass
Dark Sky – High Rise
Canblaster – Timemaster’s Chronicles (Bambounou Remix)
Kingdom – Let You No
Jacques Greene – Another Girl
Addison Groove – Is This It
Dark Sky – Be Myself
French Fries & Bambounou – Hugz
XXXY – You Always Start It
Para One & Tacteel – Always

Jan 2012 Mix

Here’s a mix for my selection of last months best releases (which is why ‘Swims’ is on it). This will be a monthly thing but no frequent blog posts as of yet unfortunately. The wizards may be resurrected before you know it…

 DEEPEND – Jan 2012 Mix


Para One – Compute (ft. Surkin)
Sei A – Flux (Martyn’s Electromagnetic Mix)
Locked Groove – Rooted
Graphics – Mama Grizzlies
Boddika & Joy Orbison – Swims (Alternate Mix)
A1 Bassline – Why Do You
Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka – Not One (ft. Abigail Wyles)
Jack Dixon & Robin Card – Leave (James Fox Remix)
Disclosure – Tenderly
Bambounou – Fake Jack
GoldFFinch – Arabian Prince
Kill Frenzy – Booty Clap
French Fries – Crushin’ On Me
Poirier – Who Got Di Riddim


if you’re in manchester next saturday get yourselves down to the roadhouse for the manchester debut of wizards are better!! an exciting night of manchester talent with a taste of bristol funk.

confirm your attendance on facebook


“on saturday the 8th of may wizards are better will be hosting our first night in the wonderful city of manchester, a beautiful night of fun to be soundtracked by the purple curtain of ****MENSAH****, future garage ramblings from fabrics latest wonderkid,****XXXY****and one of thegaslamp killer‘s favorite dj’s, manchester golden boy and hoya:hoya mastermind, ****JONNY DUB****. MENSAH has been gaining momentum on the european bass music scene for sometime and since hooking up with jakes and h.e.n.c.h has been fast-tracked to success with his tune Pulse 80’s recently released as a double a-side with jakes’s rhythm and his first solo release on h.e.n.c.h, 1986 was the future, out soon. XXXY has been playing out in manchester for a while now and is starting to churn out quality production after production and with FABRIC behind him now his potential is huge. finally JONNY DUB an introduction. he was recently quoted as the gaslamp killer’s favorite dj, a statement which i tend to agree with. i see this man every week, playing out the most diverse and flowing sets  i’ve heard on a consistent basis! he is also the mind behind hoya:hoya, a club night which i cannot recommend highly enough. jonny has formed strong ties with the low end theory and brainfeeder lot over in LA over the last few years and i’ve had the pleasure of dancing to acts such as hud-mo, kode 9, mosca, krystal klear, ikonika, illumsphere, mc chunky and many many more inspired mindson his booking!”


all in all i think it’s gonna be a crazy night with visuals from bristol artist ‘fingerfood’ and hospitality mc MAD RUSH on the mic, we hope it can be the base that next year will see the launch of a new music based club night in manchester! here i have a few goodies for you a couple of superb original tracks from xxxy and another incredible live mix by jonny dub recorded in march.


xxxy // all over this

xxxy // save our souls

xxxy // melodrama


jonny dub // a lil’ spring ting mix


-Computer Jay / Maintain
-Nosaj Thing / 3rd Complex
-Ty / I Get Up Feat. D-Cross
-Illum Sphere / Go Killum
-Dva / I’M Pissed Of Ft. Durrty Goodz
-Flying Lotus / Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph
-Free The Robots / Orions Beltbuckle
-Numan / Untitled
-Lorn / Never Enough
-Roxanne Shante / Queen Of Rox
-Rustie / Tar
-Q-Tip / Move
-Eliphino / Spirit
-Arthur Verocai / Pelas Sombras
-Fulgeance / Ann Arbor
-Harmonic 313 / Lion
-Krystal Kleer / Boogie Wan
-Peter Digital Orchestra / Born In 1980
-Riz Ortolani / Serena E Lamunno
-Starkey / Stars (Ital Tek Rmx)
-Free The Robots / Voices
-Al Green / Something
-Dakimh / Done
-Burial / Gutted
-Zed Bias / Hiding Place
-Eliphino / Intifada_Rough Mix
-Xxxy / Just For Me


again i hope you can all come and if you have friends in manchester let them know!!!!