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introducing // mr. dibiase


“Hailing from LA’s very own Watt’s, Dibiase a.k.a Diabolic’s productions run the gambit from 8 bit video game classics to seductive soul to raw grungy bangers this guy has no limitations no sample is safe.”

in 05 MR. DIBIASE started focusing more on his production, entering beat battles and going to a weekly function called SKETCHBOOK, the mecca where this current LA beat scene started. a place which saw the original meetings of , now easily recognized names, such as RAS G, FLYING LOTUS, GEORGIA ANN MULDROW, AND THE GASLAMP KILLER. recently he has worked with fellow californian P.U.D.G.E on All City’s LA Series /1 where he delivers a series of short tracks that drawn heavily from film samples, space age sythlines and beats that fall somewhere between RAS G and DILLA. his most recent ep, CAKEOLOGY, is a prime example of the power of west coast, sample based, hip-hop and with the growing international demand for this style of beatsmanship i think we are going to see this man grace blighty’s shores at some point soon.

anyway check out this guy and buy his music here, now just to give you a taste here’s some short tracks from the man DIBIASE


mr. dibiase // i pity the fool

mr. dibiase // axel bop

mr. dibiase // cosmo boppin


mr. dibiase myspace



the first song to drop off fly-lo’s forthcoming lp, cosmogramma,  features none other than the beautiful voice of radiohead’s, thom yorke. the piece, “…And the World Laughs with You” gives me a sense of hopefulness, in that, it is a masterpiece. beautifully produced, beautifully performed by thom yorke (demi-god)…….its brilliant. high expectations……….

..and the world laughs with you//flying lotus//feat. thom yorke

you will be able to buy the album and find out every thing >>>here<<< i think this is going to be a very significant album. warp are awesome.

couldn’t help myself



i really can’t say enough about this artist. i’m absolutely head over heels in love with the whole thing. big collaborations with flying lotus and the gaslampkiller and the title of “the ELECTRO HEDRIX”. this man is something very special and his debut album, ‘a sufi and a killer’ out on WARP now is out of this world. however, as hard a i try once i read this article i couldn’t put it better so here’s an excerpt,

“Under his Gonjasufi alias, San Diego-born, Las Vegas-based yoga teacher Sumach Valentine has been called many things – “hip-hop mystic”, “nomad soul”, even “Method Man aged 95” – but it’s the “electro Hendrix” tag that will suffice for now. “Jimi Hendrix sacrificed himself to get humanity to a higher frequency; he’s perfection to me,” enthuses the 32-year-old down the line, in the scraggy, smoked-out drawl that colours his debut album A Sufi And A Killer. “I had a dream one time that I was at an outdoor Hendrix concert and all of a sudden, as Jimi walked towards the stage, our eyes locked, man. It was just fucking intense. Intense. When I woke up, I felt like he was checking on me, like, ‘Hey, I’m watching you bro.'”

his album is incredible and you should purchase it >>>>>>here<<<<<< however, you can also stream it from his channel on warp.net along with a huge amount of goodies including interviews, videos, artwork and more.