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February 2012 Mix









The previous month has seen some hyped releases on the “Big-H” labels with the likes of Scuba’s album naturally on Hotflush, Burial’s Ep unspurpringly on Hyperdub and Objekt’s 2-side single deservingly on Hessle. We’ve also seen a delayed return from Untold’s Hemlock label with a very interesting Randomer EP. Coincidences? Almost certainly. Tracks from the aforementioned feature alongside my other picks of the month in a bpm twiddling mix. Although strictly speaking there are a couple in there from January which I missed but had to put in due to their magnificence (two tracks from Todd Terje’s “Its The Arps” EP, highly recommended for any person ever). Enjoy.



Todd Terje – Myggsommer (Smalltown Supersound)
Bullion – What Does She Know (R&S)
Todd Terje – Inspector Norse (Smalltown Supersound)
Mercury – NY Feeling (Gomma)
Claptone – Cream (Exploited)
Maelstrom – House Music (Sound Pellegrino)
The Analogue Cops & Blawan Sickle (Vae Victis)
Jack Dixon – You Told (Losing Suki)
Scuba – The Hope (Hotflush)
Das Glow – Concrete (Marble)
Randomer – Scruff Box (Hemlock)
GoldFFinch – Funky Steppa (Saigon)
Lapalux – Construction Deconstruction (Brainfeeder)
Raffertie – Mass Appeal (Ninja Tunes)
Objekt – Cactus (Hessle)
Sleepyhead – Hi-Five (Trouble & Bass)
Shlohmo – The Way U Do (Friends of Friends)
Jaques Greene – These Days (Vase)
Burial – Kindred (Hyperdub)


michaelwesleyB U R I A L



buy ‘5 years of hyperdub‘ here

straight outta south london!


boy 8-bit, red-headed beacon of electronic wonder.

at one with computers, he started out his musical journey using 8-bit amiga computers aged 15 (hence the name boy 8-bit) and he now creates stunning pieces characterised by bass, breakbeats and seamlessly chopped up vocals and spanning a multitude of electronic genres. few artists have been so consistently incredible throughout the last year or so. the suspense is killing me ep was one of my favorite releases of last year and i love almost every one of his remixes. the best…………its hard to decide…..

burial – archangel (boy 8-bit’s simple remix)

…..this remix of archangel by burial is definately one of his standout tracks, incredibly powerful without being loud….

south rakkas crew – mad again (boy 8-bit remix)

…..another cracker, vocals cut and chopped to perfection then washed into a sea of bass!!!….

pomomofo – back at the club (boy 8-bit remix)

…this song sounds like stars talking. amazing!

….and there’s a whole load more vital tracks including a remix of boy 8-bit by jack beats (the first jack beats song i heard way back in may 2008!!) and an original tracks of his…..all outstanding electronic music. enjoy.

the black ghosts – any way you choose to give it (boy 8-bit remix)

boy 8-bit – fog bank (jack beats remix)

jack beats – what feat. dynamite mc (boy 8-bit remix)

boy 8-bit – the cricket scores

…….catch him at fabric tonight if you’re quick enough and buy the suspense is killing me ep!!!! it’s worth it! get it (((here)))) and his myspace is constantly updated with e-treasure…..


bulk stock of popular christian jigs and psuedo-malaysian synth crisis songs


this is going to be a big post

and you are a small person

so DONT! eat too quickly!

the best things have stars ***

would you like a dubble bath?

kid sister – pro nails (rusko remix)                                   [uh-oh]

*** stagga – sick as sin                        

[crack is a gateway drug ]

jamie woon – wayfaring stranger (burial remix)                      [listen to with hot chocolate]

*** the rogue element –  the hive (raffertie S.W.A.R.M remix)                      [NOT MUSIC]

chase and status – running                  [not drum and bass mr chase. bad vocals / good sound]

*** a.c slater – jack got jacked (jack beats remix)         [NEBULA MAGIC MACHINE]

a space baguette?

the the – giant (pilooski EDIT)                        [THE THE IS A STUPID NAME]

sebastien tellier – sexual sportswear             [my life drawing soundtrack. the woman always freaks out with the sexual whispers]

CUT/COPY – lights and music           [saw a photo of them yesterday – pretty sure we’d get on]

ladyhawke – my delirium        [growing on me. but her name should have been she-hawk. as in a woman hawk, not lady hawke. what even is a hawke?] 

***metronomy – on the motorway       [autobahn vs this????]

***JUSTICE – NY excuse (live A CROSS THE UNIVERSE)               [raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHH]

data – blow (remix)               [from metro area’s new

fabric cd – buy it for christmas it is so great]

morgan geist – LULLABY            [one half of metro area, up in the area]

***DE DE – s+m (SEXY MUSIC – X RATED)                [mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm]

a slice of talking toast

***times new viking – call and respond                  [LO-FI youuth clattering about is wizard]

***vivian girls – such a joke           [the world is in love]

fleet foxes – ragged wood        [amother funny american band singing about mountains and deer and log cabins]

laura marling – cross your fingers    

florence and the machine you got the love (live)           [BUY THE NEW SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

hercules and love affair – this is my loVE

***galaxie 500 – don’t let our youth go to waste            [velvet underground prodigys? so right]

***the velvet underground – after hours (live)            [from the boootleg ‘quine tapes’ buy it]