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 you may already know beyond the wizard’s sleeve from previous posts but if not…..they are a band/dj duo made up of erol alkan and richard norris and they have put together a stunning collection of psychedelic, funky and experimental music. 2 eps and an upcoming remix album. their latest album,  re-animations volume 1, comes out on the 2nd of march and is set to be another of erol’s magical aural adventures. 

re-animations tracklisting:

The Chemical Brothers – Battle Scars (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation) 
Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation) 
Late Of The Pier – The Bears Are Coming (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation) 
Peter, Bjorn And John (Featuring Victoria Bergsman) – Young Folks (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation) 
Tracey Thorn – Raise The Roof (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation) 
Badly Drawn Boy – Promises (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation) 
Goldfrapp – Happiness (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation) 
Midlake – Roscoe (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation) 
Dust Galaxy – Come Hear The Trumpets (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation) 
Real Ones – Outlaw (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation) 
Simian Mobile Disco – Love (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation) 
Findlay Brown – Losing The Will To Survive (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation) 

buy it (((here))) on the 2nd of march and with the cd release you also exclusively get the whole album mixed by them into an hour long set!!

good-day jolly brethren

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“Every week I am auctioning the space on my t-shirt to the highest bidder. If you win the auction I will print your design and wear it for a week!” HERE!

music for sunday morning is very bloody key for a nice day – so i have compiled a pile of stuff to ease you into life and build you up slowly until you are dancing and breaking furniture amd ready to FIGHT! here goes…

radiohead – nude [floaty voiced strange melody like you could imagine the mermaids hypnotising odysseus with- it could put you into a coma it is so relaxing]

dj shadow – building steam with a grain of salt [dj shadow is just fucking cool and this shows it. makes me go all b-boy]

young & company – i like (what you’re doing to me) [A CLASSIC disco jaunt to liven up those limbs]

sister sledge – we’re lost in music [a huge proportion of legs should now be grooving]

heartsrevolution – ultraviolence (dubka remix) [damn cool 80’s tv theme tune remix – POWER GUITAR, BABES, BEACH………..YEAAAAH SUNDAY!!!]


and our good friends the ICE BLACK BIRDS have sent us their brand shiny new song ‘ca bouge’  and it is damn brilliant so GET IT!!!! if you missed their other material —-IT IS VERY WORTH OBTAINING ANYBODY WHO CONSIDERS THEMSELVES A WORTHY ROCK N ROLL BEAST! – HERE. and take literally one second to vote for their place at snowbombing festival 2009 HERE.

ca bouge

box – head (s)

meet the BOX – HEAD (s)  – honestly what a fantastic idea. the work of japanese designers fei and shuFen/KSF – brilliant.

look at the rest here!

now for music! today i have for you one of the happiest little jigs in the truly insane style of hudson mohawke. straight off his new EP polyfolk dance -BUY IT AT bleep for ONLY £4 – this song chops beautiful vocal loops and mixes them in with soft hushy synthesizers to make real life magic happen in your heart!

velvet peel

for the other end of the scale is a new track from RESO… in the words of mary anne hobbs – this is an absolute monster. it is yet to be released – called OCTACON – and it really is damn huge. everyday i am feeling like the dubstep crowd is moving that bit closer to breakcore. to the likes of venetian snares and otto von schirach. i think i find that worrying.i mean raffertie!he is basically there! so here it is, cut from hobbs’ experimental radio 1 mixtape….OOOOOH DEAR!

OCTACON [radio rip]

and without further ado i present focus. dutch progressive rock. literally defies description. THEY MUST BE ABSOLUTELY CRAZY I SWEAR. BIG UP george williams for this one.

hocus pocus!

excessive mind splitting brilliance

okay so BY A STROKE OF MASSIVE LUCK i got my hands on this album. i dont want to tell you what it is. but i will tell you it really is unbeblooodylevable. ridiculous. like the sort of unbelievable when you can lie in bed in a daze and listen to it twice over on a sunday morning with no consideration of anything apart from marvel and amazement and MY WHOLE MIND SPPINNING AWAY IN AN UNIMAGINABLE FRENZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 here goes, the first two tracks.   you have to buy it when it finally comes out – it is just so brilliant – i am owning that as soon as it hits shelves. or hits anywhere. i dont even care if it hits me, in fact i’d be honoured. you’d be honoured…………….JEESSSSUZZZZZZ

mystery box 1

mystery box 2

the wizards.bestoftherestPLAYLIST.2008


this has been a really wild year. really incredible. i mean really, i have had so much fun. shit IT HAS BEEN UNBELIEVABLE! and i’ve done so much! i’ve seen europe, well some of it.. barcelona, antwerp.. benicassim! literally the best summer in time, and in terms of music what a year. electro – well we have our own playlist for that so i think it speaks for itself.. BUT the rest of it! brilliant. 

so many small acts coming big- i mean blogging – it has just been huge – the reality of internet hype – making somebody big in minutes.wowzer

so here it starts// i’ve tried to keep it down but i think you’ll agree a year is a very long time-  – – and sorry i have missed out SO much but i’ve had to be selective. and in terms of massive labels/massive artists of course – they dont need posting – kings of leon, HOT CHIP, vampire weekend, BENGA, fleet foxes, lykke li, JUSTICE, cut copy, MG-BLOODY-MT….holy mazoly.

enjoy it……..AND BUY THESE ALBUMS – i don’t lie – they are all insane!



metronomy – nights intro [shit hot melodic intro]

dan le sac vs. scroobius pip – look for the woman [cool, cool act – great album, my highlight along of course with ‘thou shalt always…’]


bjork – dull flame of desire (modeselektor remix for girls) [modeselektor have taken over my head a lot this year – extreme peace]

apparat – fractacles pt. 1 [fractacles=insane. insane=fractacles. end of]

modeselektor – godspeed [as above – best (NON ‘ELECTTRO’) electro song of 2008]

HERCULES AND LOVE AFFAIR – BLIND [dISCO RETURNS in amazing light and brilliance – 2ND favourite album this year!]

crystal castles – untrust us [simple and amazing]


times new viking – call and respond [LO FI GENIUS – THINK ANGRY KIDS]

vivian girls – where do you run to [insane reverb. i am in love with the vivian girls]

the correspondents – rentaclown [BEST new live act – any chance you have – see them!hire them!buy their music!]

laura marling – ghosts [the best of the london folk scene – like one giant fairytale]

florence and the machine – hospital beds [florence kicks ass. its official]


man man – whalebones [ again – so good cant describe words RUNNING OUT!]

kimya dawson – loose lips [ if you missed juno or its soundtrack you shouldnt have – her voice is so cool]

animal collective – water curses [UNEXPLAINABLE – BRILLIANT – NEW ALBUM OUT SOON!!!]

mumford and sons – white blank page [up-and-coming folk – tthey will just get better and better and better]

bon iver – lump sum [4TH Favourite alBUM – so serene and beautiful buy buy buy it honestly you cant not like this music]



chase and status – eastern jam [banging bangingness chase and status are on top form]

the bug – poison dart (ft. warrior queen) [bringing dub to the fore]

KID SISTER – pro nails (RUSKO REMIX) [dUBSTEP has been sick this year, so much good stuff, this has been a massive highlight -rusko, caspa, benga, skream – what a lot of talent] 





this is just a post to remind everyone that late of the pier are  probably the best band inside the planet.

if you haven’t bought their album already BUY IT. if you can’t buy it listen to it on youtube if you can’t do that then just start cutting yourself…………too dark?? yeah. but just listen.

here are 2 incredible live versions of space and the woods and bears are coming from their somerset house gigs earlier this year. just the beginning of space and the woods is enough. lotp.

late of the pier-space and the woods (live at somerset house)

late of the pier-the bears are coming (live at somerset house)

oh, and here’s an edit of space and the woods which was inspired by the live version, constructed by a little known duo “Killing People“. Its only an edit, not a remix but good enough to replace the original. i know, blasphemy.

late of the pier – space and the woods (killing people edit)

the alkamist’s wizardry



The god that is erol alkan has, this year, surprised and amazed both dance and alternative music critics with his side project and band beyond the wizard’s sleeve. alkan and bandmate richard norris combine to create pieces that reconstruct the psychedelia of the 70’s using a unique mixture of musical know how and technical wizardry. they have also been known to put layer upon layer of acid drenched sitars on top of the rolling stones, very erol. They have four EPs (Birth, Spring, George and West) a whole load of brilliant mixes (check erols podcast) and have injected their style into contemporary songs by legends such as late of the pier, the chemical brothers and peter, bjorn and john(?).  (ps. sorry richard norris for giving erol so much love can’t help it)

Listen to these beyond the wizard’s sleeve’s tracks and remixes, happy tripmas!

beyond the wizard’s sleeve – red tuesday 

My absolute favourite erol related track! Description: The most amazing high in music played by sitars, oooooooooooo yyyeeeeeahhhhhhhhh!

beyond the wizard’s sleeve – get ready to fly

A nice, cool physcadellic rock track.

late of the pier – the bears are coming (beyond the wizard’s sleeve remix)

BEST BAND EVER, I SHIT YOU NOT, fucking awesome orginal song which Erol stays true to.  i’m sorry, but its a fucking no brainer.

peter, bjorn and john – young folks (beyond the wizard’s sleeve remix)

We do like our mainstream….sometimes. Erol tripifies a 2008 hit.

the chemical brothers – battle scars (beyond the wizard’s sleeve remix)

A  tribal remix of a track by one of the best electronic duo’s ever.


more erol! The next two are edits of the French prince himself sebastiAn.

sebastiAn – momy (erol alkan’s simple, yet effective edit)

sebastiAn – walkman (erol alkan edit)

Its Christmas in two days! Here’s another one which does need to be explained. erol produced late of the pier’s epic/classic/amazing/…..fucking amazing album fantasy black channel, and has since taken on the role of mentor to late of the pier with them even citing him as a father figure. Lead singer Samuel Eastgate (a.k.a. Samuel Dust) has started a solo project, with erol helping on some of the production and generally eroling it up a bit, called LA priest. I emplore you to listen! Melodic and electronic sublimity.

LA priest – engine

merriweather post pavillion


this is going to be insane! clinically! if a doctor saw it he’d freak! aawhu!

JANUARY the bloody 12th HURRY UP ANIMAL COLLECTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





I HOPE YOU GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bulk stock of popular christian jigs and psuedo-malaysian synth crisis songs


this is going to be a big post

and you are a small person

so DONT! eat too quickly!

the best things have stars ***

would you like a dubble bath?

kid sister – pro nails (rusko remix)                                   [uh-oh]

*** stagga – sick as sin                        

[crack is a gateway drug ]

jamie woon – wayfaring stranger (burial remix)                      [listen to with hot chocolate]

*** the rogue element –  the hive (raffertie S.W.A.R.M remix)                      [NOT MUSIC]

chase and status – running                  [not drum and bass mr chase. bad vocals / good sound]

*** a.c slater – jack got jacked (jack beats remix)         [NEBULA MAGIC MACHINE]

a space baguette?

the the – giant (pilooski EDIT)                        [THE THE IS A STUPID NAME]

sebastien tellier – sexual sportswear             [my life drawing soundtrack. the woman always freaks out with the sexual whispers]

CUT/COPY – lights and music           [saw a photo of them yesterday – pretty sure we’d get on]

ladyhawke – my delirium        [growing on me. but her name should have been she-hawk. as in a woman hawk, not lady hawke. what even is a hawke?] 

***metronomy – on the motorway       [autobahn vs this????]

***JUSTICE – NY excuse (live A CROSS THE UNIVERSE)               [raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHH]

data – blow (remix)               [from metro area’s new

fabric cd – buy it for christmas it is so great]

morgan geist – LULLABY            [one half of metro area, up in the area]

***DE DE – s+m (SEXY MUSIC – X RATED)                [mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm]

a slice of talking toast

***times new viking – call and respond                  [LO-FI youuth clattering about is wizard]

***vivian girls – such a joke           [the world is in love]

fleet foxes – ragged wood        [amother funny american band singing about mountains and deer and log cabins]

laura marling – cross your fingers    

florence and the machine you got the love (live)           [BUY THE NEW SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

hercules and love affair – this is my loVE

***galaxie 500 – don’t let our youth go to waste            [velvet underground prodigys? so right]

***the velvet underground – after hours (live)            [from the boootleg ‘quine tapes’ buy it]

animal collective and mgmt exploding in weird magic

passion pit are this groovy squadron of nebula warriors who sing like animal collective and sound like i do not know what. closest to a milky way. yes i dont think they quite match up. but can anybody. except yeasayer oh wow they deserve their own post————-wait for it.

listen to my rainbow goodness !

passion pit – BETTER THINGS