Best of 2011 Mix (for dancing)


2011 was, as every other year has been, great for music. New material, genre-melding and artists to sink our hungry teeth into. Excellent. Here’s a fucking long mix I did to try and sum it up going from 115 to 160something bmp. I’m sure I missed some gems which hopefully I will discover in the near future. Thank you talented producers and internet.

DEEPEND – 2011 Mix


Doctor Dru & Adana Twins – Juicy Fruit
Friendly Fires – Hurting (Benoit & Sergio Remix)
Tom Trago – Being With You
Daphni – Yes, I Know
Wildkats – Perpetrating
Julio Bashmore – Grand National
Gesaffelstein – The Lack Of Hope
Azari & III – Into The Night
Jam City – Waterfalls
Mattias Zimmermann – Fez
Benoit & Sergio – Principles
Benoit & Sergio – Walk & Talk
Julio Bashmore – Father Father
Julio Bashmore – Carboon
High Powered Boys – Udon (Julio Bashmore remix)
Riva Starr, Major Lazer – Jump (The Martin Brothers Remix)
Julio Bashmore – The Battle For Middle You
SCB – Loss
Julio Bashmore – Ask Yourself
Egyptrixx – Rooks Theme
Burial, Four Tet, Thom York – Ego
Midland – Shelter
Renaissance Man – Stalker Humanoid
Bok Bok & Tom Trago – Vector
Mosca – Orange Jack
Dominic Martin – Homage New Jersey
Homework – Raw Groove
Cosmin TRG – A Universal Crush
Camel – Blue Room (Nat Self 10k Smoke Mix)
Bowski – Poppies
The 2 Bears – Bear Hug
XY-Me – B-Acid (Bowski remix)
Djedjotronic – Bugle
Savage Skulls – Caravan
Zombies For Money – Oy Shaba
Digital Lab & SonicC – Drunk Skunk (LA Riots remix)
Strip Steve & Das Glow – Calcium
Noob – Spell
Marble Players – Marble Anthem
Birdy Nam Nam – Big City Knights
Egyptrixx – Bible Eyes
Joy O – Wade In
Mosca – Done Me Wrong
Blawan – Getting Me Down
XXXY – Kerpow
Roska – Abrupt
Kingdom – Take Me (Instrumental)
Roska – Leapfrog
Jam City – Aqua Box
Bok Bok – Reminder
Roska – Jackpot
GoldFFinch – Red Mask
A1 Bassline – Falsehood
French Fries – Champagne
Joy O – Sicko Cell
Addison Groove – Minutes Of Funk
Mosca – Bax
Bok Bok – Silo Pass
Dark Sky – High Rise
Canblaster – Timemaster’s Chronicles (Bambounou Remix)
Kingdom – Let You No
Jacques Greene – Another Girl
Addison Groove – Is This It
Dark Sky – Be Myself
French Fries & Bambounou – Hugz
XXXY – You Always Start It
Para One & Tacteel – Always

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