A bit of everything (but mostly house and dubstep)

Well after a week of voting in the poll for your favourite electronic music genre, the results were almost as I predicted with a 31% for house and 36% for dubstep, with garage and drum and bass coming in at 3rd equal with 6% each. However I wasn’t expecting drum and bass coming third as I’m pretty sure we’ve only posted one or two if any of the sort. A nice 13% for everything  as well which is always good to see. Well I feel after that and a few comments I feel little sound-batch is in order. Here’s some house (including a bit of jackin and fidget) and a few heavy dubs from DZ, Excision and Datsik. A little less thought provoking than the stuff we’ve been posting recently but still killa dancefloor tracks.

HOUSE (fidget, jackin, funky, electro)

oliver twizt – gangsterdam (nom de strip remix)

supra 1 – still believe ft. amy douglas (l-vis 1990 remix dub)

hijack – nuts (jeff doubleu remix)

primary 1 – princess (mj cole remix)

cold blank – the flying cat (the bulgarian remix)

will bailey – the dutty clem (tom eq’s speaker freaker remix)

DUBSTEP (heavy shit)

apex – nowhere to run (datsik & excision remix)

kelly dean & steady – teflon ft. kemst (datsik & excision remix)

dz & excision – round 2



3 responses to “A bit of everything (but mostly house and dubstep)

  1. why might it be the last time you use zippyshare!? Is it closing or something?

  2. deathlectrics

    no i’ve just been forced to use zippyshare because of my uni network, but i’m free from that shit so now mediafire all the way, much better!

  3. you should host your stuff here its free mp3 hosting..

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