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tickets only £5-£8


in anticipation of manchester’s fantastic EUROCULTURED festival i felt compelled to deliver a little update from across the channel. EUROCULTURED have put together an incredible weekend of merriment featuring some of the hottest up and coming eurokids as well as legendary acts such as swedish psych instrumental gods, DUNGEN and gorillaz collaborators, LITTLE DRAGON, who are renowned for their breathtaking live shows. however, the main entertainment for me comes from frenchies, ONRA, FULGEANCE and DEBRUIT!!! along with FAULTYDL, JONNY DUB, XXXY and ILLUMSPHERE (who’s been rocking poland and germany over the last few days!)


debruit//smurfing in the sun


kraddy//android porn (fulgeange remix)




onra//cosmopolyphonic guest mix vol.14



Al B. Sure! – Night And Day (Onra Mix)
Count Bass D – 95 Chop
14KT – T&A
Walter Mecca – Time Control
Buddy Sativa – Growing Up (Alternate Mix)
Suff Daddy – D.I. Luv
Eltron John – And Then We Realize
Onra – Tape This
BTB & Luvraw – On The Way Down
Onra – To The Beat ft. Walter Mecca
Reggie B – Reclaim Your Mind
Krystal Klear – Never Thought You Would Go
Hollyweerd – Have You Ever Made Love To a Weerdo (Dam-Funk remix)
Outkast – Funky Ride

hope if you’re in manchester on the 30th of may. you’ll be here!



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