Sitar Beat!

I’ve always had a bit of thing for Indian music, so finding these releases have been most satisfying! Sitar Beat is a compilation of various funk enfused physcadelica pieces from Bollywood soundtracks of the 60’s, 70’s and 90’s. Think Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve and Kill Bill with a touch of beautiful Indian singing on some. The first volume was released in 2006 then each volume a year consecutively after. Thank you The Gaslamp Killer’s ‘We Make It Good’ mix, what a great man. Sitar Beat is perfect for the summer and a really interesting listen, get your acid heads on. Here’s some of my faves from Vol. 1 and 2.

klaus doldinger – sitar beat

kalyanji anandji – dharmatma theme music (tommy’s edit) (off The Gaslamp Killer’s mix)

serge gainsbourg – new delire

serge gainsbourg (with michel colombier)  – physcastenie (miles’ drum edit)

biddu (with mahar and anand) – hum tumhe chate hain (edit)

s.d. narang – everybody dance with me

buy sitar beat! vol. 1

buy sitar beat! vol. 2

buy sitar beat! vol. 3

buy sitar beat! vol. 4




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