What do you like?












I’ve always wanted to know which side of electronic music you guys like the most. I predict an even balance between house and dubstep. I’ve just put down the basic sub-genres because I don’t want to get bogged down in specifics. If you like only a certain part of one sub-genres, e.g. tech house and not electro house, then just put house anyway. Also, I know you guys like most of the stuff below but I’m looking for your favourite, everyone has a fave. Please vote!


6 responses to “What do you like?

  1. FIDGET HOUSE! or Electro House in general.


  2. so hard for me to choose between step and house. ultimately, i had to go with house.

  3. vandalsavage

    thanks for your thoughts harrison

  4. fidget

  5. Yep, i love house music but techno underground too en so, wher blogspot shares techno music??? please answer my request

  6. deathlectrics

    true, it seems techno did slip my mind. I guess its because a lot of the techno i listen to is tech house or house influenced. Obviously a lot of techno isn’t house but due to the multiple crossovers in modern electronic music today, i wanted to differentiate ultimately between the different mind frames within the movement. i could have put in techno, but because the large amount of tech house lovers that read this blog (i think) I thought it would be easy just to put house, which really contains a lot of mind frames within music from the minimal, to the funky, to the fidget and jackin to the again broad term electro house with huge artists such as Boys Noize (who could actually be described as techno influenced I suppose). i guess thats why there’s an “other” option in the poll because we can’t be too specific with electronic genres but i guess people have specific tastes. thanks for bringing this up. if anyone else wants to voice their taste please do!

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