Future 140 Mix


After my 128 mix I thought I had to/might as well do a 140 one as well. I’m not as clued up to music around this bpm as my esteemed counterpoint, but these are my favourite tracks of which I know in garage and dubstep. It starts off much like the house mix with more experimental, off the wall stuff (including James Blake’s remix of Mount Kimbie which is my favourite tune at the moment, SO GOOD!), then into garage then more heavier and purple dubstep, finishing off with some 8bit fun from Quarta330 and fast afrobeaty wierdness from Douster. And on the topic of mixes, don’t forget to go over to Squeegie and pick up their 1st birthday mixes from some big names, lucky boys.

killing people – future 140 mix


1. Kuedo – Starfox
2. Shlohmo – 7am (Devonwho remix)
3. Mount Kimbie – Maybes (James Blake remix)
4. Pony Pony Run Run – Walking On A Line (French Fries remix)
5. Numan – Neon Highway
6. Joy Orbison – J. Doe
7. James Fox – Put It Back (Ramadanman refix)
8. Delphic – Halcyon (Deadboy remix)
9. Desto – Wizard Of Wor
10. Egyptrixx – Hexagon Ya
11. Starkey – Rain City
12. Joker – Tron
13. Subvader – Ghost Ship
14. Ganja White Night – Purple Star
15. Dubbel Dutch – Trollsta (Egyptrixx remix)
16. Cardopusher (Quarta330 remix)
17. Die Antwoord – Enter The Ninja (Douster Butterfly remix)

4 responses to “Future 140 Mix

  1. it’s a good week for us followers. thx KP

    yo do you have a soundcloud?

  2. deathlectrics

    i don’t, but soon we’re thinking about starting something

  3. vandalsavage

    ,something REAL…………………..oh yeh harrison!!

  4. def make a post if you do so i can follow you

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