Its raining crystals from the future

This mix now a month old, but is still so exclusive we probably won’t be hearing these tracks for years, maybe centuries. I’m waiting. It includes a couple of tracks from their next EP to be released in the next few days from big cheese head honcho Teki Latex, whose tracks have been co-produced with Renaissance Man, Orgasmic, Noob and remixed by Mikix the Cat. The tracks I’ve heard are great, looking forward to it, also a great cover as per usual (above).



  1. Teki Latex – Answers (produced by Renaissance Man) – Sound Pellegrino
  2. Martin Brothers – Duckface – Dirtybird
  3. Para One – Toadstool – Sound Pellegrino
  4. L-Vis1990 & Shadz – Forever You – Night Slugs
  5. Sinden & SBTRKT – Kind Of Familiar – Grizzly
  6. French Fries – Senta (Bambounou remix) – Youngunz
  7. Para one – Kiwi (Noob remix) – Sound Pellegrino
  8. Teki Latex – Dinosaurs With Guns (produced by Noob) – Sound Pellegrino
  9. Felix Cartal – WCD (Harvard Bass Remix) – CDR
  10. Beataucue – Cha Cha Cha – Kitsuné
  11. Style Of Eye – Puss Puss – CDR
  12. Bobmo – ???? (Douster remix) – Institubes

One response to “Its raining crystals from the future

  1. yeh srsly jammed this so many times. best mixtape of the year no doubt. cant wait for the forthcoming SNP stuff

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