a big night tomorrow at deviation with not only the enchanting floating points but the brilliantly talented and ridiculously on fire (mother fucking!) gaslamp killer and resident benji b. huge. as a little taster and two things i’ve wanted to post for a long time ‘people potential’ by floating points>> a stunningly danceable jazzy piece. gold. however it’s the gaslamp killer’s live set from brainfeeder fabric that stands out. 43 minutes of sex music! ranging from jump up jakes, doctor p, james blake and quarta 330……black sabbath, jimi hendrix, gonjasufi, sebastiAn and more and more west coast trouble>>>>>>>shit! it’s probably the best set i’ve ever heard sober. this guy is incredible and one crazy motherfucker..

floating points//people potential


the gaslamp killer//live at brainfeeder fabric


you can check out the other sets from the night and interviews over at the RBMA website, which include daedelus and nosaj thing’s sets from fabric and a fireside chat with flying lotus, which i highly reccomend! >>here<< and >>here<<


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