/pipedown02 31/3

get yourselves down to the rhythm factory for our mates pipedownson.com’s 2nd night. their first went down a treat featuring uk wonderkid james blake and tropical badman greena!

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“Here we got a mix from LHF, the name on the line-up that’s probably the least known. There’s 7 of them, founded by Amen-Ra and Double Helix, there’s also Escobar, Octaviour, Low Density Matter, No Fixed Abode and Solar Man. EPs and an LP are set for a release on Keysound. They sound like they’ve rode the waves of jungle, garage and dubstep but somewhere along the way something went wrong and things got twisted and distorted. More info on the crew coming later in the week in an interview with the Keysound crew.”

this mix is 100% their own production, all of it unreleased as of yet. quite an amazing feat especially when you hear the quality of sounds that just can’t come from this planet. Amen-Ra is the crew’s DJ and here his mixing skills are first class. Download link is below or you can stream it on Mixcloud.

LHF – PipedownMix06

(mixed by Amen-Ra)


No Fixed Abode – Sirius Nanotech
Double Helix – TSR-1
Low Density Matter – Blue Steel (Forthcoming Keysound)
Double Helix – Shadows of the City
Amen Ra – Song For Auset (feat. Double Helix and No Fixed Abode)
No Fixed Abode – Indian Street Slang
Double Helix – An Eastern Philosophy
Amen Ra- Fragments Of A Love Story
Amen Ra – Final Chapter
Catta – Fourth Motion (Double Helix Remix) (Forthcoming Dubsquare)
Amen Ra – Unbroken Chain
Double Helix – The Chains
No Fixed Abode – Strangelands
Amen Ra – One Way Ticket

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