masters of the universe

these guys are truly some crazy mother fuckers. coming out of denmark they’re actually incredibly talented, bouncing rhythms and foreign rapping make good to form BO MARLEY! part the mighty jahtari collective based out of leipzig, germany, their creed is to convey conventional reggae roots through computers and modern technology. in germany they call it DLR (digital laptop reggae) and bo marley have got this sound coming out of their ears however, there’s really something more to this quartet.

Coming from the lively music scene in Arhus / Danmark the four Bo Marley boys created an highly unique style of Dub andReggae by themselves. Using analog synths, obscure drum machines, Sax, African drums and the legendary Roland Space Echo the outcome is a very special sound not heard in this line of music before. 100% Voltage Controlled Reggae roots!“

— — — — — — —

rollen vorbei

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you can download their ‘bo marley masters of the universe’ EP free at their website below>>>> which features some crackings songs and some crackhead songs. well worth a listen. these guys rule! AND here’s little soundcloud preview of their tune ‘rollen vorbei’. AND their best tune hosted by us, mofa fahren.

bo marley – mofa farhen

bo marley free ep!!!


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  1. I do not disagree with this post.

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