egyptian hip what

it’s definitely true that the ‘indie’ band’s hold on the 21st century has subsided however, there are a few bands and groups that continue to persevere in a synth heavy, youth scene.

‘egyptian hip hop’ are a group that have really caught my interest recently, mainly though their affiliations with samuel eastgate (lead singer of ‘late of the pier’ and the brain behind la priest). their loose, carefree style of ‘electro-pop’ has lasting power and most importantly originality. they have a brilliant ear for complex and often ethnic melodies and beats and they are also fantasticly well produced with eastgate producing their debut single, double A side, ‘wild human child / heavenly’ which is released on the 29th of march, exclusive to pure groove.

hazel groove.



and there’s a cracking video of wild human child below. they seem to be a super band and they’re from manchester! i’m hoping to catch these guys sooner rather than later since i have a feeling NME have their claws into these dudes. i’ll probably see them at glastonbury!! haha!

plus you can download their 2010 demo’s below which features:

  1. dust (bedroom demo)
  2. gruve of fresh air (demo)
  3. heaven (demo)
  4. rad pitt
  5. nifeo feat. la priest

egyptian hip hop demos 2010




One response to “egyptian hip what

  1. Thanks mate, really feelin this one
    Reminds me some good first The rapture

    Good one

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