HARMONIMIX// mystery man.



so who is harmonimix? or is that even a question yet? but yes we’ve heard him, if you remember the stunning ‘a milli’ remix at the beginning of the crookers mishka mixtape………harmonimix is actually the new, secret, alias of the london wonderkid JAMES BLAKE. with ‘a milli’ he beautifully revamps the original into a multi-layered soul tune. managing, with genius use of autotune, to transform lil wayne’s cough syrup stream of consciousness into a melodic monster. and on the flip of this cheeky white label is his hamonimix reworking of destiny’s child’s ‘bills bills bills’. this is yet more james blake, pitch bending magic. with re-recorded vocals, layered and harmonised to perfection this is james blake through and through. although this is listed on chemical records as unknown artist. so shhhh……but you can buy the vinyl >>>>>here<<<<<




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