really fantastic mr fox

fantastic mr. fox‘, from UNTOLD’s HEMLOCK label, is one of the fastest rising stars in this post-garage, left-field, future sound. a manchester local, he has enthralled many of us with his work with other manc local RICH REASON on such releases as plim-soul and has recently impressed with his own ‘sketches ep’. his latest mix for hypnotik, in preparation for hyp! hyp! hyp! at fabric on the 12th (TICKETS), is absolutely sublime. a secret tracklisting due to EXTREME exclusives but to give you an idea he’s got new new JAMES BLAKE on there, the XX being dropped into NEWHAM GENERALS, his own incredible remix of ZED BIAS, tracks from the likes of SULLY and some very cheeky bassline. my favorite mix of the year so far.<>


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>fantastic mr fox myspace<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


One response to “really fantastic mr fox

  1. been loving that james blake, fantastic mr fox, untold ish…

    thanks for the mix.

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