what a show hud mo gave us in manchester last night, funded by the ‘red bull music academy’, we witnessed a fantastic spectacle of 3D visuals and a multi-cosmic light show that would have surely induced brain damage in weaker minds. wizards are better were also lucky enough to grab a sexy little interview with the glaswegian god as well. exclusive!


>>first of all, what a great show! the music and visuals were out of this world. how did you afford all these wonderful gadgets?

“thank you very much, glad you enjoyed the night. red bull have been very generous in providing funding for up and coming artists and have put up a very nice amount of cash to help get these new sounds out there. having a VDJ and, of course, olivier daysoul was good indeed “

>>so what’s new for hudson mohawke in 2010?

“well apart from continuing my work on WARP label i’ll hopefully be producing a few bands and artists.”


“i’m keeping that very secret at the moment! i’ve jinxed myself in the past with these things so i’m definitely keeping it under wraps till it’s completely confirmed but watch out!”

>>what are your plans for the live show??

“well this is something i have been working on and i do think it’s all heading somewhere but it’s hard to say right now.”

>>so daft punk pyramid or spinal tap stonehenge?

“haha! we’ve actually had discussions about the stonehenge thing! but somehow i think not!”

>>what artists are you really into at the moment??

“oh dear, i always freeze up when people ask me this. i need my itunes library in front of me! but of the top off my head i’d have to say crystal clear, doing good things at the moment.” (not the drum and bass artists by the way, check Botanika label)

>>i must also ask what that grimey hud-step behemoth you dropped right at the end of your set was! it was such a surprise after the fairly carefree set i think i even saw some people melt!

“bit embarrassing but i have no idea! it’s been sitting in my computer as ‘untitled’ for a long time and has just stayed that way.”

>>and finally i’d like to offer you honorary wizardship!

“what an honour! yes please…….does it come with a wand or something??”

well i hope you all enjoyed that and all i can say is you’ve gotta see this guy live and if you do have the chance beg, steal and borrow to procure yourself a ticket! AND if you haven’t got the album yet it’s now got to the point where i actually just want to hurt you. simples. eek.

>hud mo myspace>



  1. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. scottysoltronic

    simply amazing

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