Jamie and Roly produced arguably one of the finest dubstep LP’s ever. Built on broken beats and raw sledgehammer bass it was released in 2005 and helped create a new genre within dubstep that paved the way for other artists such as Distance and much of the filth you hear today. My Fav off the album has to be ‘Angels’….just wait for 1 minute mark…utter rawness



Unfortunately they split up in 08 so I never got to see them live but from what ive heard they put on quite the performance. HOWEVER it’s not all bad news because they both continued a solo career. Jamie Vex’d  own production is absolute class with an EP out on Planet Mu called ‘In System Travels’ and a remix of Starkeys ‘Miracles’. His finest piece of production to date however has to be his remix of Scuba’s ‘Twitch’ which is out of this world and one of my favourite tunes ever…SHIBBBBY!!!



Also Planet Mu have just said that they are planning to release a second Vex’d album. Vex’d’s ‘Cloud Seeds’  was intended as a follow-up to their debut ‘Degenerate’ , but it took until recently for members Jamie  and Roly to get to get together to finish it. The label say it’s a collection of “older material that they were working on for their second album that never got finished plus some other work from that time, a few remixes mastered and put together as a full album’. VERY EXCITING STUFF IF I MAY SAY AND I MAY SAY.


7 responses to “Vex’d

  1. bro u reppin some stale shit here

  2. deathlectrics

    shut up harrison you know nothing

  3. fuck you harrison. old maybe but you eat shit.

  4. rofl, chill out ya’ll. i enjoy vex’d as much as the next bro, i’m just sayin i follow this blog to hear about relatively new artists, not defunct ones.

  5. deathlectrics

    Harrison..i did the post because ved’d were defunct but they are now reforming to release a second LP which you would know if you actually bothered to read the writing and not just download the music….foool.

  6. i didnt need to read the post bc anyone into dstep is fully aware of the new vexd lp droppin. guess this was for the scrubs out there, no worries

  7. thedubsteppamurdera

    harrison? SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH. i h8 people like u

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