Mightyfools are my life

Mightyfools are SO sick. Not only at producing but their live sets look so mental! Every video I’ve seen of them playing everyones jumping and shouting and absolutely fucking loving it. I really want to see them live, its next on my life’s to do list definately. Here’s a remix which has been out for a couple of weeks but has been in my head for about 6 months, since the Sound Of Stereo May mixtape where it first featured. Due to all my blog tools dying on me, I couldn’t post it as soon as it came out, but hey, here it is if you don’t already have it. SICK! Also look out for their up and coming EP ‘For The Kidz’ which will be released on Venga Digital. It Includes three original tracks, ‘We Don’t Care’ and there’s an official video for that below, there’s also a clip from youtube below for ‘Hoo Haa’ (a shamless fidget squelcher!) and ‘I Said’ we posted waaaaay back but that was only a rip from a mix. The EP will include remixes from ridiculously good artists as well: Tommie Sunshine & Figure, Blatta & Inesha and Sound Of Stereo. I’m so excited.

DJ ROCKID – BADMEN FT. LADY BEE (MIGHTYFOOLS REMIX) Link to Squeegie blog page cos of my mediafire cafuffle!




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