live ALIVE

recently i’ve been growing a little bored of this whole pitch up>put the discs in/on>leave club attitude most of the artists i go see have. granted that’s what these genres generally consist of live however, i do love it when there’s a variable to the performance or just some variation to the entertainment. thats where these two artists come in….first, gentleman’s dub club, a nine piece band formed in leeds, they deliver high energy live shows with a style based in ska, dub and roots reggae. their stunning EP ‘members only’ is out now, buy here. the second is jazzsteppa, put simply this is live dubstep. boom! “Originally formed by ShmueL! (Gal Moore) & BarBie (Gal Bar-Adon) in 2006, Jazzsteppa is the first live dubstep band. The four original band members¬†managed to create a unique sound using their experience as live jazz musicians combined with their ongoing involvement with bass-heavy dance-floor music.” these guys killed it in manchester on friday at drumclinic with dj and live trombone, or so i’ve heard, i was watching and meeting fatboy slim! wooo! anyway i emplore you to go see these guys if ever they come your way.

gentleman’s dub club – gentleman’s sleng ft. bongo chilli

jazzsteppa – big swing sound

jazzsteppa – taylor rain




5 responses to “live ALIVE

  1. !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YES! GDC are sick – saw them the weekend before last with DJ Derek! Hopefully booking them for a night in Leeds next year!

  3. nice to hear from ya pritch. shame i missed you in leeds the other day. keep good until next time!!

  4. yeah saw Jazzsteppa in leeds on Saturday so freakin’ good!
    oh yeah, im not bragging but i got a kiss from Kromestar!

  5. respect tills. jazzsteppa’s the shit! see ya soon/

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