HUD MO to the rescMO

one of the most talented and interesting producers right now, the mighty hudson mohawke, gives us a huge essential mix. a big tracklisting from a rising star, if you haven’t yet purchased his album ‘butter’ then you are a fool!! buy buy buy!


Loops Haunt — Dusk Mechanics
Machine Drum — Sakatak
Red — I Should Tell Ya Momma On You [Damfunk Remix]
Hudson Mohawke — Bopgunn V1 Instrumental
Dorian Concept & Lil Flip — I’m A Balla [Patchwork Pirates Edit]
Hudson Mohawke — Fuse
Tiago — Babelfish
Rustie — Nekoo
Starkey — Ok Luv
Hudson Mohawke — Ice Viper
Hudson Mohawke — Overnight Celebrity
Hudson Mohawke — Star of A Story
Hudson Mohawke — Are You Feeling Hot
Hudson Mohawke — Take My Hand
Hudson Mohawke — Still On It
Hudson Mohawke — Pipes
Hudson Mohawke — Chorduroy
Hudson Mohawke — Photo 2
Hudson Mohawke — Waldo’s Gift
Harmonic 313 — Scar (feat. Wiley)
Princess — Say I’m Your Number One
Markis Sage — Creature Of Lagoon
Redinho — Mo Brap
Krystal Klear — Boogie Wan
Midnight Star & Usher — Touch That Midas Girl
Becoming Real — Get Hype
Free School — Grey Goose (feat. Kelis)
Ludacris Ludacris — How Low Can You Go
Redhino — Banger
Hudson Mohawke — Stay Fresh
Lazersword — Trapperkeeper
Lil Wayne Lil Wayne — I Feel Like Dying [Flying Lotus Mix]
KGB Man — Africa
Ply Girls — I Could Give You Reasons
James Pants — Lickin’ Stick
Hudson Mohawke — Twistclip Loop
Carl Cox Carl Cox — Let’s Do It
Apple — De Siegalizer
DJ Seduction — Imp002
Becoming Real — New Kids
Manix — Head In The Clouds
Jjak Hogan — Frequency
Machindrum — Carry The Weight
Fatima Yamaha — What’s A Girl To Do
Nacho Patrol — Futuristic Abeba [Hudson Mohawke Remix]
Slum Village — Dirty (feat. ODB)
The Pharcyde The Pharcyde — Passin Me By [FlyAsPie Remix]
Cloud One & Madlib — Unknown Interlude Track
SciFi Stu — The Will (feat. Vast Aire)
Terror Danjah — Bipolar
Joy Orbison — J.Doe
Lone — Sharpest View Of The Sun
Mwëslee — Eurocarne Snips Track 4
Hudson Mohawke — Monde
Mike Slott — Snow Birds
Dimlite — Cotdam (feat. Pharrell)
American Men — AM System



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