long time absence


ok this has been a long absence from writing. laziness if you ask me. there’s lots of house about as a consequence, not such a bad thing but i’ve got here a tasty bag of goodies new and old. this one has been brewing for a while……


JOKER what a big name at the moment, i reckon he’s a very talented boy and i hope there’s big things waiting for him. these two slightly older tunes of his are classic examples of his liquid funk synths, pure purple as the man himself may say.

joker_holly brook park

joker_retro racer

and if you’re a fan of joker’s sound TERROR DANJAH is your man. having just released a collection of his instrumentals, remixes and tracks on planet mu records called GREMLINZ,  he’s just beginning to get the recognition he deserves. he is considered one of the finest grime producers ever if not the best by the grime cognoscenti, originally part of the nasty crew and then aftershock, terror has released countless 12″s and remixes as well as several mixtapes. if you want to hear a precursor to joker, and the new bristol producers, here it is.

terror danjah_code m.o.r.s.e

untold and the whole hemlock label have been really amazing me with untold’s own, ‘gonna work out fine’ EP making for cracking listening. however, it is fantastic mr JAMES BLAKE’s remix of  stop what you’re doing by untold which is the finest. one of the best tunes of the year in my opinion.

untold_stop what you’re doing (james blake refix)

having recently visited the infamous SUBDUB in leeds for shackleton, distance, peverelist and scuba on saturday i’ve been listening to JOY ORBISON a lot, who seemed to be artist of choice for those boys in leeds. here’s hyph mngo as a taster but i emplore you to have a look around for some of his other releases, GOLD.

joy orbison_hyph mngo


of course we do have some of conventional dubstep hiding around here. SKREAM is givng away one of his tracks, what did he say, to promote the WHY NOT? boxing day d&b and dubstep bonanza at the ministry of sound. it looks nuts if you ask me, i’ll still be at the leftovers on boxing day…..

skream_what did he say

belgium is a place for dubstep. that was something obvious at this year’s DOUR festival where some belgians nearly shit their pants over joker, n-type and especially rusko. wow what a festival. but the man in focus is GANJA WHITE NIGHT. he’s been cracking out tune after tune that really hit the spot. a man to follow, a man to trust. gayfish is pretty purple growler, watch out.

ganja white night_gayfish

now here to finish off is the real mixed bucket. machester local MRK 1 puts a brilliant spin on a big norrisman tune, PRIMARY 1 put together an old but super-varied mixtape, interwoven with kubrick samples and, from the vault, the kings of funk BROTHERS JOHNSON deliver probably one of the finest songs ever. bye.

norrisman_big long gun (MRK 1 remix)

primary 1_u’s & i’s and lullabies

brothers johnson_strawberry letter 23



5 responses to “long time absence

  1. thedubsteppamurdera

    about f-ing time we got some proper music on here. you’ve been slacking H. but this has made me happy. long live the future of electronic music

  2. niiiice, more of that please

  3. yoooo biiiiiig post. seriously love it over here. you mind if I throw that Ganja White Night up on squeegie, if I give you the proper shouts of course?

  4. no worries man, thanks for the love. jus giving wizards a much needed bass injection. pz. harry

  5. yo, gooooood site
    but i just want to say that ganja white night isnt a dude, but 3 dudes from belgium. check out that track: peace by fear! absolutely fucking great. also check out lebelgeelectrod, a member of GWN

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