Modeselektor – Art & Cash

Modeselektor are geniuses. Creating thought-provoking, emotional, banging and some downright weird shit. Here we have an emotional yet banging track and a thought-provoking yet downright weird video! Directed by artist Pfadfinderei the video, this is how he describes the story “Versed on the international art trade floor it was easy for them to win over two sought-after art dealers; to seal the deal and to go on a shopping spree. “Art & Cash” is the shocking “behind the scenes” documentary of that German art campaign. In the process a scandal was revealed that is shaking experts to this day. For years and under the watchful eyes of millions did the “Fantastic Nobodies” – exceptionally gifted art counterfeiters and weirdos from Brooklyn – manage to sell themselves as renowned works of art, thus creating inexplicable damage…”. The track itself has a driving bassline, pounding drums at a slow pace of about 100-110 bpm and an encapsulating melody with the synths. Beautiful.




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