Douster – Triassic EP Teaser

I’ve actually been touched by this EP. Douster’s clever use of basic melodies and synths along with that banging tropical beat has produced a really touching prehistoric styled dance mood. The EP was just released today but the teaser has been around for a little while, and gave me a delicious taste of the full production to come. Finally its here and to be enjoyed by everyone! Buy this, your life depends on it. Actually check out the EP teaser before just in case! And the absolutely brilliant stop motion video for the teaser.




Oh yeah, here’s more Douster superbity with podcast for XLR8R podcast, containg tropical wonders and loads of unreleased goodies!



01 Zonora Point “Apuesta Alto (Douster remix)” (Unreleased)
02 Busy Signal “Cool Baby (Poirier remix)” (Unreleased)
03 Tifa “Tick It Like a Clock” (Bigship)
04 Sonidero Cordobestia “La Subienda” (Unreleased)
05 Million Stylez “Miss Fatty (Douster Bubblin Edit)” (Unreleased)
06 Junior Jack “Quer Sambar (Blood Shake Tropical Remix)” (Unreleased)
07 Douster feat. Spoek Mathambo “Punani” (Unreleased)
08 Malente & Dex feat. New Kids “Lions (Douster remix)” (Exploited)
09 Isa GT “Funketa (Douster Recabeza Remix)” (Unreleased)
10 Udachi & Jubilee “Paypur (Grahmzilla x Nick Catchdubs Remix Edit)” (Unreleased)
11 Rustie “Tempered” (Kapsize)
12 Mark Pritchard & Ommas Keith “Wind It Up” (Hyperdub)
13 David Guetta feat. Akon “Sexy Bitch (Afrojack Remix)” (Fuck Me I’m Famous)
14 N.B Funky “Nutz” (It’s Funky)
15 Justin Martin & Claude VonStroke “Beat That Bird” (Dirtybird)
16 Arcade “Jugo Carioca y Diario Popular (Douster Dumb Remix)” (Bebup)
17 Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano “Pondo (Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo Mix)” (Dirty Dutch)
18 Spencer & Hill “Cool (Afrojack Remix)” (Sneakerz Musik)
19 Benga & Coki “Night (Geeneus Remix)” (Tempa)
20 Lady Chann & Sticky “Sticky situation” (Unreleased)
21 Timberlee “Bubble Like Soup (Soca Remix)” (Unreleased)
22 Douster “Triassic Genesis” (ZZK)
23 Gucci Vump “Sha! Shtil! (L-Vis 1990 Remix)” (Sound Pellegrino)
24 Douster “Journey to Tethys Sea” (ZZK)
25 The Very Best “Yalira (Douster remix)” (Unreleased)


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