really offensive dubs…………


wow have i been bingeing on dubstep. after a few huge nights in MANCHESTER and meeting some of the best in local dubstep flavors (looking at you RICH REASON and all the HIT & RUN crew) i have been pretty deaf to all other sorts of bass…..kinda. anyway, i’ve just made a little ‘best of’ compilation…..these are the tunes that have been raping clubs from dorchester to dundee and back to dalston in the last few months.

STENCHMAN has to be one of the best out there and he’s really been tickling me with not only his productions but the absolute filth that comes with his label MOO. 2muchket! is a standout track, a proper example of his stuttered sound, professionally pulled off and masterblaster by SUSPICIOUS STENCH (who i’m still not sure whether it’s just another alias of stenchy) is even better, faster and wetter!! just what we like.


suspicious stench__MASTERBLASTER


now a few tunes that have been played out a lot recently at most dubstep nights. PUMP ACTION by manchester local CHIMPO is a tuuuune! featured on RINSE vol. 9 (mixed by n-type) it really hits the spot, nice clean sample and a proper animalistic sound that brings most steppas to the floor. REEL SIMPLE by brighton resident and LONDON regular MARCHMELLOW is a tune i feel hasn’t got the recognition it deserves. a huge rising track that does properly march along, accompanied by a satisfying, rattling snare. good DUBS. and for good measure here’s a cracking BAR 9 track. BAR 9 always keeps it real, nuff said.


marchmellow__REEL SIMPLE



next i’m gonna up the AGGRESSION! with some of the big up’n’comers in the HYPE scene of dubstep. the names, TROLLEY SNATCHA, FLUX PAVILLION (who absolutely destroyed 333 club for us at our 3rd wizards night!!!), BORGORE and COOOOOOOKIE MONSTA!! trolley snatcha has rocketed to fame recently, mainly due to this track, THE FUTURE, that is honestly one of my favorite productions at the moment, a truly MAD song. flux pavillion is also on his way to stardom with a number of quality tunes under his belt and a very impressive live set (including MC), HOW RUDE! is probably the funniest at the moment and one of the biggest, with the sample stating “you just wanna be fucked in your ass!’ it makes me giggle everytime. HYPE HYPE! but it doesn’t make me laugh as much as this tune by mad Israelite BORGORE, ‘cry me a river’ jumps between melancholy crooning to what sounds like an angry, ketamine fueled pig in seconds! this is a truly ridiculous track and definately not for the fainthearted. it’s shocking that he opens most sets with this silly silly track! plus here’s a bonus BORGORE track just to spread the ‘love’ (haha) and to make sure you guys don’t just think this chap is a fool.

trolley snatcha__THE FUTURE

flux pavillion__HOW RUDE

borgore__CRY ME A RIVER

jazzsteppa ft. borgore__SHAMEN


and to finish off the new COOKIE MONSTA mixtape!!! another huge achievement seeing as it features only his own tracks and is over an hour and 20 minutes. this tape even explores a bit of D&B and electro>>seriously insane listening. (>>tracklist in lyrics)


One response to “really offensive dubs…………

  1. All BIIIIG Tracks!!

    I’m guilty of playing all of those tracks I’m afraid haha



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