WHAT! another wizardsarebetter affiliated night! wawawewa! this time with brand spanking promotion outfit WET PROMOTIONS. this line up is huge>> COOKIE MONSTA!! coming to london! this is an absolute outrage, with manic mixologist RATTUS RATTUS at the helm as well! get yourselves down to 333 club, OLD STREET on the 17th……again!  and just in case anyone out there has missed probably the finest dubstep mix out there, COOKIE’S, maryland chocolate chip mix, here it is! with every track made all by the man himself this mixtape is a phenomenon! and an, as ever eclectic, mix from RATTUS RATTUS, which covers the realms of fidget, house, techno, drum & bass and DUBSTEP it’s not new but it’s my fav and a wizard example of his skill and his absolute love for all things BASS. soooo the bottom line is>>>>



here we go with the mixes>>

cookie monsta>>maryland chocolate chip mix


1. Misunderstood
2. Bliss
3. Frontline
4. Optimus Prime
5. Crank
6. Smack ‘Em
7. Breezer
8. Suicide
9. Fallen Angel
10. Cheeky cunt
11. Dirt Deep Drilla
12. You Can Do it!
13. Revenge
14. Stinky Ferret
15. Ca$h
16. Finally
17. Ginger Pubes
18. Grandmomma
19. Tight for a Honky
20. DeadBeat
21. Sycho Bob
22. Face Fuck
23. Massacre
24. Playtime
25. Bladdered
26. Badman a Talk
27. Contract with the Devil
28. Break Slash Dance
29. Break Slash Dance (Dubstep version)

rattus rattus>>hello summer, goodbye exams mix


1. Raindrops- Basement Jaxx (Doorly’s Under New Management Mix)
2. Acid Beat- Pond Life
3. Get Off- Diplo & Blaqstarr (Jack Beats Remix)
4. Love Locked The Siren Down- Hard House Banton Vs Kanye West (Rattus Bootleg)
5. Mind Dimension- Tiga (Soulwax Remix)
6. I Remember- Deadmau5 & Kaskade (Caspa Vocal Remix)
7. Pull It- Shystie (Ill Blu Remix)
8. Bulletproof- La Roux (Zinc Remix)
9. Urban Shiekh- Tehran
10. I’m Not Alone- Calvin Harris (Herve’s See You At The Festivals Remix)
11. Ripgroove- Double 99 (Cuthbert Colossus Remix)
12. Bubble & Squeak- High Rankin
13. BanGer- AC Slater
14. Shaolin- Bar 9 (Nero remix)
15. Crack hands VIP- Jayou
16. Science Of Fear- The Temper Trap (Herve Dub Remix)
17. Sunglasses At Night- Tiga (Skepta & Agent X Remix)
18. Skitzo Vip- Rack N Ruin
19. The Blank- Skism
20. Dub You- 501
21. Come Around- Collie Buddz (Sigma Remix)
22. Haters- TC & Jakes
23. Machete- Dj Hazard
24. Invaders Must Die- The Prodigy (Chase & Status Remix)
25. Warface- Jakes (Distorted Minds Remix)



2 responses to “THIS IS JUST GOING TO BE SILLY….

  1. damn! cookie monsta mix KILLS IT!! thanks.

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