EASY NOW UDACHI i nearly lost my lunch

the newest Ep on the relentless nightshifters label is a cracker. the title track, UDACHI and JUBILEE’s paypur, is superb, a real banger that we’ve been hearing in a lot of sets and mixtapes recently. apparently it follows the night of  an unknown gurner X on his quest for pleasure>>>we just know it’s right up wizard alley. the VIDEO above is of the other original track, SMOKE RINGS again by this new dynamic duo. a pleasure to behold. catchy vocal hook and wobbly mayhem…….the video is a bit of a mystery though but luckily we have an explanation from the men themselves>>>>>>>

“smoke rings includes Jubilee on vocals crooning over a dub-reggae breakdown about aliens stealing her weed. The beast slices in like a rip in the space-time continuum sending Jess on a chase to get the weed back. If you want to know how the story ends, the crooner gets her weed back and parties with the aliens back on Planet Rad! A happy ending indeed…”   YESSSS!

and here’s PAYPUR (with a direct link as well!!)>>>>make sure you get this on >>beatport>> cos the remixes are too delicious as well!!!



2 responses to “EASY NOW UDACHI i nearly lost my lunch

  1. You can’t go wrong with an Udachi track!


  2. SWEEEEET!!!

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