dubstep HAS, regardless of the sudden rise in ‘alternative’ dancing tunes, RULED the scene in london for the past few months. with regular nights such a FWD>> delivering every day of the week, it’s been really pretty draining on both body and soul…….chase & status have finally fucked off as well giving way to some new tracks!!! bonito.

EMALKAY>>what a tune, not blogged enough; but certainly played enough. another dubstep phenomenon + another new track

emalkay>>when i look at you


NOW another LONDON phenomenon, 16bit. these guys have an immense library of tracks and an ever evolving sound. absolutely irresistible to any bassmuncher. here we go with 3 sexy bassfilled tracks and their new ‘milky pie mix’ and be sure not to miss them at the purple turtle in camden on the 3rd of september>>with BAR9!!!




16bit>>milky pie mix

cookie monsta has been causing fucking waves for a good while now, since he unleashed his MARYLAND CHOCOLATE CHIP MIX onto the masses of dubstep forums, and kills it again with the track ‘antichrist’, could be old or new but it still kills. numbernin6 have been making good as well with solid mixes and a sweet remix of the prodigy’s BREATHE, a tune that has been getting a good amount of exposure. jakes’ “custard cream” has had me contented for a while and i was intrigued by stagga vs. busta rhymes. a good mix i tell thee. DUB DUB & MORE DUB>>>>>

cookie monsta>>antichrist

prodigy>>breathe (numbernin6 remix)

jakes>>custard cream

stagga vs. busta rhymes>>i got bass (stagga remix)



6 responses to “THE STENCH O’ LONDON

  1. hey, good post man!
    I think you might like the dubstep-entries at our blog!

  2. The Hives-Main Offender (Mustard Pimp Remix)

  3. nice blog, nice music !
    Keep it up !!!

  4. absolutely insane im sorry i have been away so much and will be till early september but then a year of megaposting willl come i promise so so so sos os ososososoososo ooooo good wizard lovexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Yo man,
    Thanks lots! u got some good shit goin on over here as well, i threw yall in our blog-roll 😉

    Stay Up,
    (the)Troika/Foreign Banguage

  6. Where can I track down the full “when I look at you” track?

    and you can’t go wrong with a 16Bit mix as well.


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