this guy is literally insane in  the fucking membrane. THE WIZARDIN’ crew met up with this ISRAELI geeza at corsica studios and he’s given us a tasty promo of his upcoming release GORESTEP. haha! he’s been getting huge attention after the amazing 16bit remix of his song foes. PROBABLY THE BEST SONG MADE THIS YEAR (excluding UFO). just give the man from tel-aviv a listen and enjoy his mad fusion of house, DUBSTEP and metal BEATTTTS!!! what mad tracks we got here. check out the OUTRO>>>womanizer gone terminator!!!!  but my god is foes the pick of the lot, with perfect west coast hip hop vibes, great vocals and 16bit sexloving>>amazing. i’m very jealous of anyone who caught 16bit at glade AND we got a full DOUR festival review coming soon!!!

saturday night >> borgore

sunday morning >> borgore

summertime >> borgore

outro >> borgore

foes (16bit fuck hoes remix) >> borgore

and as a special treat we got the plat du jour!!!! doorly‘s absolutely lovely remix of raindrops by basement jaxx.

raindrops (doorly dubstep remix) >> basement jaxx



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