Big up da little’uns!!




I love when you get some real gems in your inbox from unknown producers which range from giving you a little smile to raging about it all week. Well we have a few impressive obscure artists who need a voice, and my friends, Wizards Are Better is the voice for banging music! We have a mash-up, a couple of original tracks and mixes, but one track I really feel needs a very fucking special mention.

This track is by mod3rn0 who dropped this in our soundcloud about a month ago, now i’ve only just got to grips with all the web thingys we have for the blog since being away in India and found this and it blew my mind! Sounds you’ve never heard in hype hype hyped up disjointed dubstep track. Its Raffertie with the bass turned up and grimed up, possible? apparently yes! CHECK THIS SHIT!



The next track is a bouncy crunk track with a safe hip-hoppy vibe to it, maybe its the rapping? I don’t know….. But yeah, would be a great track to drop in most clubs.



Now a superb mash-up of ‘Love to Edit’ by Crookers and one of the best tracks ever made, Jack Beat’s remix of ‘Jack Got Jacked’ by AC Slater. The track meshes the two original intros together, then drops the Jack Got Jacked’ main drop with a little editing which really hits the spot.



We’ve had a mix from Company C in a recent post an awesome tracklisting mainly consisting of the best of Jack Beats and A1 Bassline (can’t go wrong!). Now we have another, Ghetto Bass pt. 2 and I here there’s another 2 to come which I’m excited about. I love mixtapes with your favourite tracks on it for the car or just to play at a party, saves pausing the ipod and changing the track! This one has another awesome tracklisting, some of my favourite tracks ever. You’ve found the key to my heart Company C!



Pull Up – DJ Manaia
I Wouldn’t Be Like This (Andy George Remix) – The Futureheads
Turbo Love (Shinichi Osawa Remix) – Bag Raiders
Koffee was up (Mightyfools / too much caffiene remix) – De grote Vinnie, Donnie en Sjakie show
RER D (Villeneuve Triage Edit) – Mustard Pimp
Addict (Original Mix) – Mightyfools
Atomic (Original) – TJR
Sobrevivente de Rave (Sound Of Stereo Remix) – DJ Manaia ft. Deize Tigrone
Shell Shakes (remastered) – Figure
Better Off As Two (A1 Bassline Remix) – FrankMusik
Slasher – GTronic

And last but not least, a lovely dubstep mix from J-Drop. This one features some of the most ghetto and dirty dubstep around. Check out the second last track, Adam Prescott’s ‘Recession Beater’, WOOOO!


Bar9 – Midnight
Nero – This Way
Jakes & Joker – 3K Lane
Wiley – Marijuana (Ft. Frisco)
TRG – Oi! Killa!
Jakes – Unknown
Ashburner – Stamina
Jakes – War Face
Adam Prescott – Recession Beater
Skream – Lightning (Instrumental)

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