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netropolis_mexico_03_2 2

ok so lets get the fidget fix out of the way as soon as possible, as i know……there’s an army of rabid fidget freaks all waiting for the latest and greatest (and to be honest proper fidget ain’t really my game), but…..we’ve got the next new original since the mighty ‘pull up!!!’ from our man dj mania>>>>>>a fucking superb malente remix of congorock’s exodus (buy his album anywhere it’s goooood in your ears)>>>>>>>and finally a really good, actually labeled, fidget mix by previously unknown ‘james jon’, and it was called ‘what the doose?’ and had a picture of stewie from family guy on it over at mostersaysrawr, and a sick>>>>>>

1.blatta & inesha feat gigi barocco – where is it (original)
2.kelevra – bumpin on ya stereo (original)
3.Calvertron – Car Thief
4.cold blank – fidgets live in small houses (young nutz remix)
5.white punks on dope – destination house (dirty freek remix)
6.arctic monkeys- when the sun goes down (bass weazal boom shaker remix)
7.blatta & inesha feat gigi barocco – where is it (anikis ATM remix)
8.kelevra feat kop out – love you so (mightyfools remix)
9.the squatters – girls love bass (analogue remix)
10.royal K – all the things you do (mini K remix)
11.dre skull ft. sizzla – gone too far (lee mortimer remix)
12.b. rich – can’t take what i got (original)
13.aretha franklin-baby baby (bill eff remix)
14.bill eff – dibby dibby soun`

and now the tracks>>


exodus (manlente remix)::::congorock

‘what the doose?’ mix::::james jon

netropolis_mexico_03_2 2

and now for some healthy healthy bass!! new hostage tune ‘special brew’ classic wobble>>>lovely. and a tune that actually made me laugh outloud. fucking sick. love it. dubstep from dz!!! down down down.

special brew::::hostage


netropolis_mexico_03_2 2

also due to a recent leak of bass weazal tracks i’ve rekindled my love for mylo, may all his new tracks on his album be amazing. we got 2 bass weazal related mylo tracks both sick with the ‘respect to mylo remix’ just bringing a sexy weazal tint but leaving the center stage MYLO!!  ‘in my arms’ remix also witnessss the fidget!! and one of his amazing album tracks, otto’s journey, and a sick remix by tom neville of destroy rock&roll, my god mylo is soooo good. 

NMC (bass weazal’s respect to mylo remix)::::freeform five & mylo

in my arms (bass weazal’s carnival remix)::::mylo

otto’s journey::::mylo

destroy rock & roll (tom neville remix)::::mylo

netropolis_mexico_03_2 2

and finally a beautiful grinding mixtape from techjio


1.jack Beats – get down
2.juice string – sex weed (laidback luke remix)
3.lee Mortimer & foamo – it’s going down
4.djedjotronic feat. spoek – dirty and hard (congorock remix)
5.AC slater – jack got jacked (udachi Remix)
6.cowgum – druggggssszzz (edu K remix)
7.fukkk Offf – rave is king (NROTB mix)
8.proxy – tha raven (kazey & bulldog MPC reverse remix)
9.SPA – pets dance (steve aoki remix)
10.justice – we are your friends (Disco Villains Remix)
11.foamo – everything cool
12.BSBTRGDCLUB – shu bawng (techjio Remix)
13.djedjotronic – gum attack
14.from monuments to masses – beyond god and elvis (felix cartal remix)
15.MSTRKRFT – bounce (the bloody beetroots remix)
16.presets – my peoples (D.I.M. remix)
17.mustard pimp – oh la la satan (stereoheroes remix)
18.miles dyson – live in mexico(laidback luke remix)
19.sound of stereo – heads up (the bloody beetroots remix)
20.techjio – fine del mondo
21.shit disco – 72 virgins (the bloody beetroots remix)
22.bondedorole – geremia (chewy chocolate cookies remix)





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