ppparrrrty baaaannngg!


safe safe! on a drunk night after the champions league final and a 1/4 of an O. i’ve decided to do a post……why. music on the bus while drunk and stoned…..a good excuse for anything>>>>>>> yeah? i think so. LAZY at the moment so i’m just gonna post a host of songs that i’m loving at the moment, as usual big ups all blogs everywhere and myspace for making this even a feasible activity. anyway, all of these songs are heat!!!!! oh and special mention to datsik fukkkkking sick!

Shottieville (Proxy Remix) >>zombie nation


Bob-omb (Phatzoo Remix)>>Darwin Backwall

Bonobo Ballet>>Hot Pink Delorean

Riddle Of Steel (12th Planet & teaLong Remix)>>Guns ‘N’ Bombs 

Blinded By The Lights (Nero Remix)>>The Streets

Stumble (2 Bit Thugs Remix)>>Calvertron

Feel For You (Calvertron Remix)>>Chaka Khan

Gone Too Far (Rico Tubbs Ravehall Dub)>>Dre Skull

It’s Vega Time (NONEWYORK Remix)>>Mr Vega

my concience screams for not chatting about these amazing songs but i’ll update the post soon

signing out



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