after an outrageous amount of looking i’ve finally managed to find these 2 things that we’ve been searching for. worth it?????///



we’ve got 2 golden oldie mustard pimping tunes, ”raging blood” & ”we are too slow fuÌ√r dich”>>>>and>>>>>>yes indeed, sick/ old school pimp sounds! enjoy

raging blood // mustard pimp

we are too slow fuÌ√r dich // mustard pimp

also on the agenda:::::::::::::::::::::


probably the sickest bloody beetroots remix i’ve heard-

circle jerk (bloody beetroots remix) // zoo brazil


and a few others that have seriously entertained me including barletta’s remix of the rocky theme// regal // some bird peterson / toxic avenger and the amazing bart b-more remix of curses! // which is in my view on a par with the skream remix of la roux,,,,if not better!!!

gonna fly now (rocky theme song)(dj barletta remix) // bill conti

the essesnce // bird peterson

up to the boy (the toxic avenger remix) // d-bag feat. naan

the deep end (bart b-more remix) // curses!

2 responses to “bang//bang//electro/beats

  1. deathlectrics

    where d’u find em???!! are they actually beaut?

  2. vandalsavage

    hell yeah, amazing, my fav kind of MP, violence not pop music!! techno party!!

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