boy 8 biT!


in an interview the other day JACK BEATS said this:

Name three tracks that should be absolute essential listening for a beat junkie.
1. Jack Beats – ‘UFO (K Hole Bass Riddim)
2. Boy 8-Bit – ‘Baltic Pine’
3. Blaqstarr -‘Get Off (Jack Beats Remix)’

and HAVING HEARD both get off and UFO aka the k hole bass riddim (BOTH RIDICULOUSLY INCREDIBLE) i figured i should check this new boy 8 bit release. AND SO HERE IS A 96KBPS TASTER OF UPCOMING SHIBLERS INCLUDING BALTIC PINE!!! it is a bloody strange varying collection from strange horns and baltic rhythm to bodzin style techno  -not sure when its out,all rather confusing but pretty groovy musical fun for you


One response to “boy 8 biT!

  1. vandalsavage

    yeah dude it’s the a mix of “new stuff” from boy 8-bits myspace not just baltic pine, will get tracklist soon. safe

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