this photo made me laugh i really have no idea what it is but i like the idea of matching bad boy camo tops. not as good as matching wizard hats – i think we will start selling some soon. THAT could really kick off.

so i have been pretty much listening to solely dubstep this week and after seeing STENCHMAN play at sukh knight’s cheese loueez ep launch on friday i am extremely excited for the levels of humour and fun beign exerted in an arena of music considered by many as taking itself a fair bit too seriously.  FOR EXAMPLE: stenchman, accompanied by a brass quartet, played THE WHOLE OF RUSKO’S COCKNEY THUG WITH TROMBONES AND TRUMPETS!!!! AND I HONESTLY NEARLY DIED it was obscenely cool.

so any of you who do not know OR APPRECIATE it— get involved!  and if you need some material to start on i want to beast upcoming producers who go by the name of 16BIT. friedmylittlebrain posted a mixtape of theirs a while back and i have been binging on it since. they are hitting along the same enjoyment side of things with some really ridiculous levels of sheer bass experimenting.


  1. 16bit – In The Death Car
  2. Bar9 – Murda Sound
  3. 16bit – PCP [forthcoming Urban Essentials] x Reso – If You Can’t Beat Em
  4. Distance – Headstrung
  5. 16bit – Texaco [forthcoming Veri Lo]
  6. Phokus & The Next – Inta
  7. Suspect – Execution
  8. 16bit – Put Ya Dirt Inside [forthcoming Destpub]
  9. Vista – Forcefield
  10. Stenchman – Midnight x The Widdler – Drip Hop
  11. Kidnappa – Champion Dub [forthcoming Sequence]
  12. Woogie – End Dub
  13. EK9 & Sukh Knight – Ramping
  14. Kidnappa – Rukus (16bit REMIX) [forthcoming Despicable Bullys]
  15. Twisted – Infect [forthcoming R8]
  16. Sukh Knight – Diesel Not Petrol [Out now on True Tiger]
  17. Yong – Riddim Full Of Culture
  18. 16bit – Toxic [forthcoming Sequence]




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