3 REALLY FAT ass beats


blackfinger – UMF (SUPRA1 remix) [really sick dubstep remix of this new trouble and bass release]

herve and the count of monte cristal – JUNGLE STEPPERS [herve rips into more bass with this bouncy banger]


foreign beggars vs rouge a levres – HIT THAT GASH (dj prime cuts’ itchy naan re-rub) [insane dubstep from the scratch man-TUNE!]


5 responses to “3 REALLY FAT ass beats

  1. yeah! sick post supra1 is my new fav. itchy naan is sick. new foamo mixtape has itchy naan with rockerman acapella mixing into where’s my money (jack beats remix) siiiiick! the F, the O, the A, the M, the O!

  2. i haven’t downloaded that itchy naan track but i’m pretty sure it’s DJ Primecuts…?

  3. yeah sorry i had mean’t to edit that- now it is!

  4. aren’t herve and the count of monte cristal the same guyy?
    i know Josh Harvey likes his pseudonyms but being on his own track twice??

  5. i think he is a pretty cheeky little man and he likes names a lot

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