Heads Up!


We’ve already seen what Sound Of Stereo can do with ‘Evil Panda’ which we posted last month. Incedently, its our most downloaded track on this blog by some margin! And rightly so.  But we’re now looking forward to the Heads Up EP which will be out on the 3rd of March. Listen to Heads Up on their myspace and also download their sick new years mix. In the meantime we have three remixes of Heads Up to drool over. They’re pretty similar but all very cool with that nasty metallic glitchy hook used in the orignal. DJ Mainaia’s remix and the Lazerface edit will be on the EP release. Enjoy!

Sound Of Stereo – Heads Up! (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Sound Of Stereo – Heads Up! (Mightyfools Remix)

Sound Of Stereo – Heads Up! (Nic Sarno Retrix)

Here’s two of Sound Of Stereos few releases.

Sound Of Stereo – Supah Dupah

Sound Of Stereo – Nic Nag

Buy the ep here on the 2nd of march or download via itunes or beatport! 



2 responses to “Heads Up!

  1. mightyfools are killing it! glad you’re liking the new logo. am thinking might do a little competition to see if someone can come up with something sweet.

    love you mr wizard.

  2. Great post, awesome beats, better wizards.

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