here I give you some rare remixes from some of my favourite artists, as well as some brand spanking new hotties. I especially recommend the oh la la satan remixes. not exactly bangers, just very interesting interpretations of one of the best tracks of last year. also loving the rusko of remix of day n night (no matter how overplayed the original is). a1 bassline’s new remix is also very tasty. check out the rare mightyfools  and D.I.M. remixes as well. enjoy!

Mustard Pimp – Oh La La Satan (Tits & Clits Remix)

Mustard Pimp – Oh La La Satan (Da Carrot Remix)

Esser – Work It Out (A1 Bassline Remix)

Kid Cudi vs. Crookers – Day n Night (Rusko’s Big Trombone Remix)

Aniki – Nut Kickaz (Bass Weazal Remix)

Teenage Bad Girl – Hands of a Stranger (D.I.M. Remix)

Breakdown – Break The System (Mightyfools Remix)

Liam Vizzle – That Banana Track (Mightyfools Remix)

Digital Manges – Give Me A Reason EP (Mightyfools Remix)


2 responses to “Reeeeemix!

  1. this weird moving picture thing is freaking me out what is it???

  2. it’s very strange innit! in assume he’s severely allergic to nuts.

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