i read up on these guys after the recent remix of their song RAGE by mustard pimp. they are possibly the coolest band ever.

atari teenage riot was founded in berlin as an attack on the increasingly neo-nazi german techno scene in the 90’s. championing anti-facist, anti-nazi and even anarchist thinking they’re up there with the greatest protest bands ever. true punks. they had a strong ‘no politics on the dancefloor’ ideology, however, their gigs were still characterised by violence and during one of their outdoor shows in berlin all of the band members were arrested for ‘inciting violence’. they were pioneers of the digital hardcore movement and to be honest many of you will hate them. they have since disbanded (in 2000) and all hopes of a reunion vanished when band member mc carl crack died of an overdose in 2001. 

anyway it just seems to me that these guys really knew what they were talking about and to ignore their music would be a waste. here’s a few tracks from their relatively short career and a low quality version of rage (mustard pimp remix) which is awesome…(2.20)…. x

atari teenage riot – rage (mustard pimp remix)

atari teenage riot – delete yourself

atari teenage riot – hetzjagd auf nazis!

atari teenage riot – kids are united


atari teenage riot myspace



  1. Thanks a lot for this post, I didn’t know that. I’m impressed. I’m adding your blog to my RSS reader right now. You’re okay.

  2. Thanks a lot for this post. I fount id very useful. I will be back 😉

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