skream is in for the kill

been waiting for this one in good quality for a bit. it is amazing. skream at his minimal peak. la roux’s  shudderingly beautiful voice with a trademark skew courtesy of croydon. now here we have it at 320!

la roux – in for the kill (skream’s let’s get ravey remix) 


4 responses to “skream is in for the kill

  1. Nice one wizards – made my Sunday afternoon a whole lot better. Blog’s coming along nicely. Big up.

  2. incredible…really really superb, type of music i’d listen to if i had just discovered i could fly. more of this would be kin beaut. x

  3. gonna be rash and say this is in my top 20 favourite songs ever…soo so beaut.

  4. i think i second that. this is brilliant

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