Now relax….for a second

chemical_vid_thumbRecently I realised how I’ve only really been posting banging, dirty electronic tracks. I thought to myself, what about the electronic tracks which I listen to and give me that uplifting feeling which isn’t brought up by obscene drops and dirty synth sounds. So I thought I’d share the more relaxing side of electronic music with you which have been a huge part of my listening.

Shinichi Osawa – Main Street Electrical Parade Borerline cheesy but actual electronic genius. The Japanese hero really does have huge array of styles and this one is a real feel good track.

The Chemical Brothers ft. Fatlip – The Salmon Dance I’m sure you’ve heard this one, but if you haven’t, I have nothing to say but LISTEN. An absolute classic with a cheeky synth melody and a chorus to die for.

Red Organ Serpent Sound – Autobahn (La Priest Remix) Only 96kbps, really sorry. La Priest as you may or not know is Samuel Eastgate’s of Late of the Pier superb side project. The last half of this song is so unbeleivably happy and just awesome.

The Chemical Brothers – Burst Generator Electronica/physcadelica genius. With delayed guitar and synth hugeness and a driving beat, this one is euphoria through and through.

Right, relaxing time is over, here’s a new batch of bangers! Enjoy.

Cazals – Poor Innocent Boys (Shinichi Osawa Remix) A fidgety Bloody Beetrootsesque drop with some feel good tunes in there as well.

Blatta & Inesha – El Ritmo Barbaro Some cool Italian fidget. This stuff is a breath of fresh air. Whiring, chugging and squelching, ultra cool!

The Prodigy – Omen (Hervé’s End of the World Remix) Really dirty! You can always trust Herve. Cool vocal samples and a tasty, descending hook.

Hostage – Shake It (AC Slater Remix) We LOVED the orginal. The remix by the successful New York lad is also superb with an ominous wobble bass pulsating ryhtmically rivalling the original’s also freaky sound.

The Qemists – Dem Na Like Me (A1 Bassline Remix) One of his more commercial remixes but doesn’t let you down with the classic A1 bass sound and a catchy hook.


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