MY stereoHEROes


wideawake mixtape!!


What Planet Is This – Jesus Theme 
Aniki – Evil Nugget (Original Mix) 
Bass Weazal – Twisted Weazal (Original mix) 
Calvertron, Benga – Whoop (Rudder’s There It Isn’t Remix) 
Bulimiatron – Stab Attack (Dskotek’s Woooo!!! remix) 
AC Slater – Jack Got Jacked (Udachi Remix) 
Gigi Barocco – Pumpin Up The Meter 
DJ Manaia – Pull Up 
Modeselektor – Kill Bill Vol.4 
StereoHeroes – Fukt (Radio Edit) 
Djedjotronic – Gum Attack 
Fil OK – Wink Wink (Blende Remix) 
Imo B feat K. Sams – 2 Time to Play (1080p Remix) 
Joey Beltram – Game Form 
FutureFlashs – Get Down The Funk (Charlie Fanclub Remix) 
His Majesty Andre – Roxxx 
DBag – ??? – The Toxic Avenger Remix 
Hot Pink Delorean & Fantastadon – Party Favour 
Metallica – Ride lightning vs Enter Sandman (IKKI Remix) 
StrAAAtch – Offend the silence (Vocal Edit VS Missill) 
Utku Sonnez – Heart Attack (Pro7 kiss my ass Edit)




2 responses to “MY stereoHEROes

  1. OH DEAR that is sick! 7:30 aaaaaaaaaaaaah its like walking up steps made of little cubes of glitch

  2. I really like “DBag – ??? – The Toxic Avenger Remix”…but can’t find it >_< maybe a other name? maybe not released….I’ll keep searching it..

    thanks for the mix!!!!

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