now what reason do i have to go to amsterdam????????????……to see DEM SLACKERS and the fucking MIGHTYFOOLS!!!! who seem to be playing there almost every friday and saturday. fair play…. there seems to be a growing tide of crookerspawn coming out of the netherlands at the moment and surprisingly i’m very happy. rarely do artists pin down and elaborate on a sound so well. now we’ve already seen what these guys can do with banging tracks such as addict and amsterdam from mightyfools and a superb remix of bonafied from dem slackers but i just thought these guys deserved a post. here’s a wicked mix by dem slackers for voulesrandom and a dem slackers remix of kid sister!!! enjoy.

voulesrandom mix >>>>>> L-I-N-K

kid sister – family reunion (dem slackers shit loads below zero mix)

and on the dutch theme i though i might just take the chance to post this……

cypress hill – insane in the brain (dj manaia remix)


One response to “DEM SLACKERS RULE.

  1. Thanks for posting guys, apreciated *ping*!

    Stay up!

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