good-day jolly brethren

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“Every week I am auctioning the space on my t-shirt to the highest bidder. If you win the auction I will print your design and wear it for a week!” HERE!

music for sunday morning is very bloody key for a nice day – so i have compiled a pile of stuff to ease you into life and build you up slowly until you are dancing and breaking furniture amd ready to FIGHT! here goes…

radiohead – nude [floaty voiced strange melody like you could imagine the mermaids hypnotising odysseus with- it could put you into a coma it is so relaxing]

dj shadow – building steam with a grain of salt [dj shadow is just fucking cool and this shows it. makes me go all b-boy]

young & company – i like (what you’re doing to me) [A CLASSIC disco jaunt to liven up those limbs]

sister sledge – we’re lost in music [a huge proportion of legs should now be grooving]

heartsrevolution – ultraviolence (dubka remix) [damn cool 80’s tv theme tune remix – POWER GUITAR, BABES, BEACH………..YEAAAAH SUNDAY!!!]


and our good friends the ICE BLACK BIRDS have sent us their brand shiny new song ‘ca bouge’  and it is damn brilliant so GET IT!!!! if you missed their other material —-IT IS VERY WORTH OBTAINING ANYBODY WHO CONSIDERS THEMSELVES A WORTHY ROCK N ROLL BEAST! – HERE. and take literally one second to vote for their place at snowbombing festival 2009 HERE.

ca bouge


One response to “good-day jolly brethren

  1. Alright guys,

    Firstly I’d like to say big up for your website, I follow it quite a lot! I do posts on We do all kinds of different posts about all things related to music but a lot of it’s similar to the kind of stuff you’re promoting so I was hoping you would be up for swapping links?

    Also, we’ve just done a pretty sweet interview with Herve:

    Feel free to use it if you want (but obviously give us a mention!)

    Safe, keep up the good work.


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